Saturday, February 18, 2006

Guilty Pleasures, part 1

Thank you, Michelle Styles, for giving me a topic to write about! I was feeling like the kid who whines to her teacher, "But I don't know what to write!" when faced with a blank blog page. And now Michelle has acted as teacher and given me a topic.

I've been thinking about guilty pleasures (and planning to steal the topic and give it to the Harlequin Presents Authors for their next monthly topic on the Harlequin Presents page) and I've come up with a couple. I'm still working (?) on it, though, so this will probably slop over into another blog entry as I do.

Right off the bat, I guess the first would be reading for fun and not for work. Don't get me wrong, I like reading however it comes -- I read the label on the peanut butter jar if there's nothing else around. But I do like reading fiction, usually regencies or chick lit or something light and humorous just to kick back and relax. Remind me to write about my favorite authors sometime.

Second, I like working at home and being at home, where I can take off my shoes and go barefoot (except today when it's like -25 degrees!) and make a cup of tea whenever I feel like it, and let the dogs in and out and keep my own sort of schedule without anyone (except the dogs) telling me what to do.

Third, I like long phone calls with friends who catch me up on their lives and listen to me obsess about whatever I'm currently obsessing about.

Fourth, well, that would probably have to be chocolate oatmeal cookies. Is there anyone who can get through five without mentioning chocolate, I wonder.

And, I'm going to give the fifth some thought. There seem to be quite a few crowding into my mind right now, insisting on being the fifth. We'll have to see.

What about you? What are yours?


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