Friday, April 03, 2009

Savas' Defiant Mistress Reviews

Seb and Neely have been sent copies of their first reviews.

Julie Bonello who writes reviews for both CataRomance and the Pink Heart Society has read their book and sent me links to both the reviews which you can read at Cataromance and at the Pink Heart Society's review page.

But Seb is bugging me to post bits here because he's very proud of them and he wants to see them in print in more than one place.

So, for Seb, this is, briefly, what Julie had to say at CataRomance: "Funny, intense, emotional and wonderfully romantic, Savas’s Defiant Mistress is vintage Anne McAllister! Readers will not be able to resist sexy Alpha hero Sebastian ‘Iceman’ Savas and how can anyone not love Neely’s spirit, intelligence, heart and her assorted menagerie of animals? So inject some sunshine into your life and indulge in this wonderful romance by Anne McAllister - you’ll devour every word!"

And at the Pink Heart she wrote: "Refreshingly original, wonderfully moving and fabulously absorbing, Savas' Defiant Mistress is another Anne McAllister classic! Fall in love with feisty and independent Neely and gorgeous but guarded Seb in this amusing, enthralling and thoroughly captivating romance by this RITA award-winning author!"

Seb sends his thanks to Julie -- as do Neely and I, naturally. We are all three cele
brating her kind words.

Seb particularly likes being called "gorgeous but guarded." He says she understands him completely. He is definitely not a heart-on-his-sleeve sort of guy. But gorgeous? Oh, yeah. Our Seb is not vain, but he's delighted that Julie found him appealing.

Check out the reviews. Check out the book excerpt.

Seb is coming to blog here next week. He blogged when I was writing his book, but he hasn't been here in a while.

If you have questions for him, be sure to check back or send them to me now via my contact page and I'll pass them on to him.

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Blogger Rachael Johns said...

So can't wait for this book. I do love a gorgeous but guarded hero. When is this book out down under???

03 April, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Rach,

I don't know for sure, but since it's a May release in UK, I would think June down under. I checked the site and didn't see it yet, but they wouldn't be up to June in their titles.

So keep a look out -- or you can order it from Book Depository and get the UK version post paid. It should be available in early May from them.

I hope you enjoy it!


04 April, 2009  

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