Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best Supporting Cat

A few years ago when I wrote The Great Montana Cowboy Auction, I borrowed Kate Walker's cat, Sidney. He is A Cat Of Many Talents and he wanted a supporting role in my book.

Actually he wanted a starring role, but I couldn't convince my editor he'd be able to sweep the heroine off her feet. He said he could knock her off her feet with no trouble at all. I'm sure he could, but that wasn't what she had in mind. So I had to explain the difference to him.

He did a terrific job. He even got fan mail. And so he got another small part in The Cowboy's Pursuit which was about Polly's sister, Celie. I expected that would be the end of it.

I was wrong.

This afternoon he turned up again in Sara's kitchen. He is obviously a peripatetic cat. He's now lived in three different houses in Elmer, Montana -- and before he's finished he may find other abodes. He may even move to Ireland by the end of the book. I will be suggesting to Sara that she check the luggage. There is no telling what he may do next.

That's one of the good things about having animals in books. They tend to be cooperative (most of the time) and they always have good ideas. They occasionally steal scenes, but they also provide the humans someone to talk to so they don't wander around the kitchen delivering soliloquies. Sid has saved several humans from "to be or not to be" moments.

He doesn't only act in books. He also poses for photographs. He's got his own calendar going over on Kate's site. You can see him there with his chocolate easter egg for April. He was entertaining a leprechaun in March. I can hardly wait to see what he'll be getting up to in May. He's a cat of many talents.

So thank you, Sid, for all your help. You're a pleasure to write about (and to write to). And no, you don't get any royalties.


Blogger Kate Walker said...

Dearest Lady Across the Pond

Thank you for the mention on your blog once more. I was lad to see it as I was getting alittle concerned that there had not been any mention of myself, ACOSB (A Cat of Superior Bredding) for some time. There has bene mention of An Irish Cat named Archie and various d-o-g-s also of an Irish persuasion but there has been a dire lack of ACOSB.

I'm an intrigued by my new abode in Elmer. I recall meeting young Sara there some years ago. I trust this time I will have a speaking role and not just a walk on and head butt part?

As to royalties, may I point out to you that I am happy to receive these in kind - the salmon kind will do nicely.

I look forward to reading your latest opus (I fear now that as it is set in Ireland, someone will come up with an 'O'Puss' pun.) Iwill also hope that I might get a chance to go and live in Ireland as it appeared to me that Mr Archie had an establishment there that would suit an ACOSB like myself.

With wormest purrs and my best head butts

Your friend
Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Portly Lummox

PS My word verification for this was lxiaoiw which sounds much like my best singing noise - the one I perform under my Mum's bedroom window in the night when she had forgotten to get up and let me back in.

02 April, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Dear Sid,

I'm glad you know you are reading blogs these days. I thought you might be too busy out patrolling the garden and consorting with hedgehogs.

So far yours has been a yawning part.But I have no doubt that once Flynn is on the scene you will have plenty to say.

Salmon for easter, yes?

And the word verification here was nksdhuc which is what some cats do when they get a hairball. Not you, of course.

Kindest regards,
TLATP (the lady across the pond)

ps: greetings from Gunnar and Micah. Bounces from Mitch who apparently should have been named Tigger. Or at the very least, Roo.

02 April, 2007  

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