Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coming soon!

I'm back!

Refreshed, revived -- and ready to report that my website is undergoing a major revamp and should be up and ready to go February 1st.

Heather at WeWriteRomance has taken the bits and pieces that were there from an earlier design that got dropped due to circumstances beyond that earlier designer's control, and has done miracles with them. She's got a great grasp of visuals (so not like me!) and can actually translate my babbling and gibberish into things that look great on the page (far better than I envision them, to tell the truth).

I've been seeing some of the pages this past week, and while they won't all go up on February 1st, you should get a flavor of them then. The blog format will eventually reflect that, too, but it may not happen at once. So while we are in transition, bear with us.

Having a new improved website is like spring cleaning -- only better. (I wonder if Heather would come and do the same to my house. Probably not. Sigh.)

Anyway, Heather is fabulous, and I have to thank Kate Walker for passing her name along -- and of course, to thank Heather for being willing to jump into the breach and whip things into shape.

Eventually all the pages should be back and many of the ones that never made it into the revamp of a year ago will actually reappear if not instantly, then over the next few weeks.

I also need to thank PJ for filling in for me this past couple of weeks while I had a bit of a kick-back-and-relax time. It was much appreciated. But that's the sort of guy he is. He stepped up and solved Ally's problem ten years ago. He solved mine this month.

So thanks, PJ. Hope you and Ally have a great time in Hawaii. Keep us posted on the new little Antonides. Let us know when he/she arrives!

O'Kate has come back from O'Dublin and sent me the name of the winner of Santos's share of the Here Come The Grooms contest.

She'll be announcing it on her website tomorrow, I think. And then I can announce it here. We're so glad to have had so many participants.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the questions.

We're looking forward to the 4th annual Here Come The Grooms contest next year. We love to do it together and, as Kate said earlier today, "I always look forward to hearing the groooms' opinions of things." Amen to that.

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