Friday, January 09, 2009

One Groom . . . Introducing Myself

Hi. PJ here.

Anne is up to her eyeballs in revisions. So she's giving me free rein at her blog while she works. She says she has to be done by Monday, and that Christo and Natalie are NOT cooperating, and she's going to wring their necks.

Makes me glad she was a lot better humored when Ally and I were the couple of the month.

I guess we're the couple of the month again now -- at least our book is. If you don't mind a bit of shameless self-promotion, I'll just tell you that it's called Antonides' Forbidden Wife.

I figured they ought to have called it Antonides' Absent Wife. After all, I hadn't seen her in five years!

It was a heck of a shock when she came waltzing in the door. It was an even bigger surprise when she said she wanted a divorce.


Seems to me that if you're married, you ought to at least give it a shot before you call it quits. Try telling Ally that, though.

Well, I did try, in the book. Pretty successfully (if you don't mind me spoiling the ending). But Anne says the interesting bit is how we got there.

Maybe. But I like the end result a whole lot better.

If you like the process, though, answer the questions in the last blog or on Anne's contest page and you might win a copy of the book (and Santos Cordero's book and Nick Jago's book).

Anne says if you've already read mine, you can win Sebastian's book, Savas' Defiant Mistress, because she actually got copies the other day.

If you have questions about Antonides' Forbidden Wife, fire away. I'll be here through the end of the month.


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Blogger Dina said...

Hi PJ, it;s been a very busy time since th holidays but wanted to sopt by and say hi to you and Anne.
Hope she gets them done soon.

10 January, 2009  
Anonymous Katie_S said...

Hi PJ,
Just stopped by to say I loved yours and Ally's story and think you make a great couple!

10 January, 2009  
Blogger P J Antonides said...

Hey Dina, thanks for coming by. Hope you had happy holidays. Anne says she's glad that Natalie has finally decided to be honest with herself, and that we can't blame Christo for this one. He's relieved. I think he thought she was ready to strangle him! She should finish by Monday, she says. Hope so. She'll be happier when she's less stressed. A less stressed author is a good thing -- I know.

Katie, thanks! I'm really glad you liked the story. I'm really glad it had a happy ending, as you can imagine. Ally is mine -- and vice versa. I'm glad she finally realized that. ;)


10 January, 2009  

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