Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter -- or whatever you happen to celebrate at this time of year.

We didn't dye eggs this year. Not much point with just the two of us here. The twins are coming tomorrow, but they will already have done the Easter egg hunt at their house, so I'm off the hook on dying eggs.

I seem to be off the hook on fixing dinner, too, since fixing dinner for four year olds and their father is something of a useless exercises. Especially if they'd rather have pizza. I love fixing Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner, but I've never been all that excited about Easter meals. So pizza is fine with me if it's fine with them.

More time to work on Demetrios.

He finally appeared today -- for the first time -- in the first scene. He's been waffling around poking his nose in various scenes trying to help me sort through the story, but he'd never officially "made an entrance" until today.

Holy heck. That man certainly does know how to make an entire room stop and stare.

I had no idea.

Maybe it's the "Presents hero" in him. He's pretty determined to live up to the chatter. He's heard mutterings about Seb being an "Iceman" but a softie underneath. And he's not sure he likes the notion ofbeing under the microscope of a lot of perceptive females.

He's a very private guy, our Demetrios.

I've promised to allow him to keep his protective shell ("Armor, damn it," he just said to me. "It's not a shell. You make me sound like an egg.") for a while. But I'm warning him that Anny is going to get under it.

He just said, "We'll see about that," and stalked out of the room.

I just love a reluctant hero.

Happy Easter to all of you, from all of us (that's me, the Prof, Seb and Neely, Demetrios and Anny, the twins, their father, Micah and Mitch the golden guys, and anyone else who happens to drift through the office in the next few days)!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, I met you over at Curtiss Ann Matlock’s blog, talking about the post office. I was intrigued by your story of following a postmistress for your book. I ordered The Great Montana Cowboy Auction. I am loving this book! I just went out and ordered the next book A Cowboy’s Pursuit. I just have to know what happens next. Julie

15 April, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for stopping by. And I'm just delighted you found The Great Montana Cowboy Auction and are enjoying it! Thank you for saying so! If you like those people, there are quite a few more books that connect to them. You can find them listed on my 'book' page under the Code of the West logo. Sara's story is in the Harlequin Presents line, called One-Night Love Child

15 April, 2009  

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