Friday, January 19, 2007

Strong, spirited, sexy . . . and sweet?

Theo and Martha are still out walking.

Or actually, they've been out. Martha went to find Theo and Ted as soon as she got here last night. And you should have seen them when they got back. You should have seen the grin on Theo's face. It was beautiful.

And then, this morning, they left again -- just the two of them.

Ted stayed here with me. The snow was too deep, they said. And that's true. But frankly, they had eyes only for each other. And it looked to me as if they definitely needed more time in each other's company -- one on one. There's a light -- and a joy -- in Theo's eyes this morning. All is right with his world again.

So Ted and I are here by the fire and the lovebirds have gone out again.

It's amazing really -- how Martha coming back just settled Theo right down. He didn't even bother to turn on the computer. He said, "You'll keep an eye on the contest entries, won't you?" And of course I will.

Theo just needs time with Martha. He's missed her. When they aren't out walking, they're in here cuddling by the fire, and Theo is making sure she's comfortable and, basically, doting on her. It's lovely to watch -- quite another side of our Theo. Not quite the man who was, a couple of days ago, about to give his brother away! A kinder, gentler Theo.

He and Martha are very cute together. But don't, for heaven's sake, tell Theo I said that. Theo does not do cute.

I'm a little worried about telling him about a couple of reviews the book has had, too, even though they're great reviews.

Stephanie Schneider at Romantic Times said, "Martha Antonides and Theo Savas have traveled separately to the Greek isle of Santorini to be alone. When fate throws them together in the same house, it isn't long before passion blooms, but each is holding onto an important secret that, if left unspoken, will keep them apart. The Santorini Bride (4), by Anne McAllister, is a sweet love story with some very endearing moments. Martha and Theo are likable and well developed, and their encounters have both heat and humor that engage from the first page."

Theo is going to be delighted at the "heat and humor" part -- especially the heat. But I think he might freak when he sees the word sweet. Knowing him, I'd have to say that Theo does not perceive himself as "sweet." He might let Martha call him "sweet" -- but that's about it.

But there must be something to it because Marilyn Shoemaker used exactly the same word in her comments on Marilyn's Romance Reviews!

She wrote: "Anne McAllister has penned a wonderful story, the second in a Greek Family series . . . It's a passionate and a very sweet journey in finding love by two strong and spirited people, Theo and Martha.

In April 2006 Anne's book The Antonides Marriage Deal debuted and the reader is introduced to the Antonides and Savas family. The head of the Antonides family has not only wagered his Santorini family home in Greece but also a share of his ship building business.

In The Santorini Bride, you are introduced to Martha Antonides who is running away from her cheating boyfriend to Greece to heal her wounds. Then throw into the mix, sexy Theo Savas who is hiding out at his newly family acquired Greek retreat to hide from women and the press as he was named the world's sexist sailor. Want sparks, well you'll get them and then some!"

I'll make sure to highlight the other adjectives for him -- like strong and spirited and sexy. But I think, if he thinks about it, he'll be flattered they also think he's sweet.

If you're all those things, Theo, it's okay to be sweet, too. It makes you well-rounded. It makes you the man that Martha fell in love with -- a man who cared so deeply that he came halfway round the world to find her, a man who, though he knew all about rejection, still faced it head on for love, who found the strength to risk everything when it mattered.

Thank you, Stephanie and Marilyn, for seeing The Santorini Bride in all its many facets and for recognizing that strength, humor, passion and tenderness are all part of the very real love that Theo and Martha share.


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