Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I considered titling this entry "Color Me Confused" but the sad thing is, I'm pretty sure I did one of those already.

The truth of the matter is, apparently, that I get confused often -- and end up writing about it.

I'm sure my editor will not take comfort in this. And the only thing I'm taking comfort in is that I'm reasonably confident she's not reading my blog. And this is not a ploy to get someone to point it out to her. Please, don't bother.

Anyway, why I'm confused this time is that Liz-Fielding-of-the-purple-shoes invited me to be her 'friend' on MySpace.

I am not totally in another galaxy. I have heard of MySpace. I've even visited.

My friend Anne Frasier has a place on MySpace. Sometimes when I'm feeling daring I go look at it and think I'm out of my depth. Anne, in her wisdom, never invited me to be her friend on MySpace.

Liz, probably because she doesn't know my limitations as well, did.

But because I'm still wrestling the earl, I decided a break was in order. So I went to MySpace and signed up.

I filled out my profile, sort of. I even figured out how to upload a photo of Theo and Martha's book cover. I had to rename it first (MySpace likes short names for its files). And I have two friends -- Liz and some guy named Tom who seems to run things. Somehow, though, since there are 30 gazillion people on MySpace and Tom is everyone's friend, I don't think I can ask him what the heck I'm supposed to do now.

So if anyone knows, and would like to set me straight (briefly, mind you, as I still have the book to write) I would welcome enlightenment in all its forms. Or any form at all.

As long as it's brief.


Blogger Liz Fielding said...

I'm feeling very guilty, Anne. In a moment of madness -- and because Julie Cohen had a link to myspace -- I signed up over the weekend and blithely invited everyone I knew to come and be my friend. I appear to have single-handedly increased the membership of myspace by a v. large number of romance authors.

But don't whatever you do, worry about it. It's just another place where your book cover is "out there". You don't have to do a thing. Really. :)

11 April, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Liz,

Well, I've managed to add a few friends (thanks to Michelle Styles and Kate Hardy who held my hand). And I can see where being there would be a good thing. Something new to learn. And a way to get a break from the #(*%%^& book).

11 April, 2007  

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