Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Yes, I know Mother's Day is almost over -- and in Australia and such places, of course, it's well into Monday, halfway to Tuesday by now.

But I've been busy today -- working on parade march with the ducks (each of them is weighed down with far more plot than any of them need, so I'm whacking off plot right and left.

My friend Pam Bauer, who doesn't think I know the word plot exists, would be amazed that I think I've got too much of it. The fact that I have any would surprise her. Frankly it surprises me, too. Who'd have guessed?

And besides the plot whacking, I've been answering the phone and talking at length to each of my kids who have called to say happy mother's day. It's lovely to talk to them any time. But it's especially nice today. Nice of them to remember. Nice to enjoy the adults they've become. Nice to watch them mother -- and father -- their own young'uns. Nice to have inherited wonderful daughters-and-son-in-laws who make the family that much richer and enjoyable.

Nice to celebrate with my own mother. There is a little Greek restaurant in the neighborhood that was closed by fire a few months back. We all missed it dreadfully. We have some great little eating places within walking distance and when one of them disappears it's a sad day.

But a couple of weeks ago it re-opened -- and so tonight we got wonderful salads with gyros and pita bread and took it over to share it with my mother. It was a pleasure for all of us to share the meal and the fact that the restaurant was back. (It also meant I didn't have to cook, which is a good thing as well).

Theo just dropped in and said that we should have gone to his mother's for Greek food if we wanted any. I reminded him that his mother lives on Long Island, a bit of a trek for dinner. He says it would be worth it. Maybe next time I'm in New York, I'll look her up.

I have to go back and get the ducks marching again. One more scene to sort tonight and this chapter will be in line. Only three stragglers left. Or maybe two. Hard to say with all this plot-cutting going on. I have way more story than I need, I know that.

Don't forget the contest Theo put together. Check out the questions below. Send the answers to me at my website. You can click on the link and then click on the Contact Anne tab.

Very simple. Three great books for three little answers. As Theo would say, "A heck of a deal."

Happy Mother's Day!


Blogger Liz Fielding said...

Love the duck metaphor, Anne. Mine little ducklings have all wandered off somewhere. I always think I've got them in a row when I start but then they scatter. They're beginning to swim back to mama now, looking a bit sheepish, but boy they're a tough act to organise.

Wonderful news about the Greek restaurant. I wish I had one of those nearby. I've been cooking Moroccan lately -- displacement activity no doubt.

And I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day. Ours, in the UK, was back in March -- but then we drive on the left, too.

14 May, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Yes, I remember celebrating several "mothering Sundays" when I was visiting friends in UK. I've rarely celebrated the driving on the left part (though I managed in New Zealand).

How about sharing some Moroccan recipes on your blog? I, for one, would like displacement activity that didn't involve bakery goods.

The duck metaphor always seems to creep in at this time in a book. When I was writing Spence's book I had ducks by the score all over the place. Getting them lined up and sent in formation across the pond was a challenge and a half. Especially since my ed was not fond the the particular formation my ducks were flying in!

But the real honest to God book arrived today, and it isn't as terrible as I remember it, so that's comforting. Of course I haven't reached the end of it yet. Maybe it falls apart. I suppose it could. I barely remember it now. It's like someone else wrote it.

Hope the purple shoe book is coming along. I'm having visions of ducks in purple shoes. Yikes.

14 May, 2007  

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