Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella -- isn't that a great title?

Don't you want to read that book?

And, if I tell you the wonderfully warm and witty Liz Fielding wrote it, of course you will want to read it even more.

I have been looking forward the The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella ever since Liz mentioned the premise for the story -- Ellie March, freelance writer and sometime illustrator (well, she draws a lot), creates an alter ego, Lady Gabriella March, who lives an upper crust life with her three adorable children, several perfectly behaved dogs (already I know this is a fantasy!) and a wealthy husband (titled, don't you know?) who can afford to keep them all in the manner to which Ellie in fact is not at all accustomed. She's the house-sitter and cleaner in a lovely mansion, not the lady of the house.

But when very posh Milady magazine likes her submission so much they want to hire her to do a lifestyle column, Ellie finds herself saying yes. And then the house's owner comes back and he's not the old fuddy-duddy academic she'd envisioned him being. In fact Benedict Faulkner is a bonafide hunk -- although an academic one. Of sorts.

I pre-ordered Lady Gabriella as soon as she became available on amazon. She arrived yesterday afternoon. It has been all I can do not to forget Flynn and Sara (have 6+ chapters tweaked, the rest coming along) and just curl up with Ellie and Ben. Heck of a lot more fun, too. But I'm rationing myself. I read three chapters last night in the bath. I get another three chapters tonight -- as soon as I finish writing this.

So consider yourselves told -- this is a wonderful fun book (through the first three chapters). I fully expect the next three to be equally as good. And now I'm off to read.

No one is suggesting contests. Does this mean you all have enough books to read? Maybe I should give away a copy of Lady Gabriella.


Anonymous Max said...


I understand Theo is looking for me... Something about a contest

Do you want me to relieve Liz of a copy of Lady Gabriella for you to offer on your website?

Consider it done. :)


11 May, 2007  

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