Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where Have I Been?

I wonder that, too. Mostly I've been under a deadline.

And the deadline is still looming, and the book is getting closer and closer, but it's not there yet. It is going to need another week or two. Hoping for the shorter, fearing for the latter. But considering when these characters deigned to appear in my mind, this is actually a pretty fast ride.

I've watched Blue Crush and enjoyed it. My memories of bodysurfing, which are only remotely applicable to what I witnessed in the film, are not of swirling and whirling in blue sea being crushed, but of swirling and whirling in complete blackness because why the heck would anyone open their eyes under the circumstances?

Grit? Sand? Salt water? No, thanks.

But I suppose, with cinematographic license, you have to show the blue swirly bits because when you only have visuals to work with, black doesn't get the point across. Now, if they could make the very air around us shake us and slam us while the water rushes in our ears, yeah, black might do it.

Good film. I enjoyed it. It's an interesting counterpoint to Gidget. Anyone remember that movie? The book was lots better. But James Darren is definitely worth a Male on Monday slot on the Pink Heart. Maybe I'll have to suggest writing about him.

Anyway, I've got to get back to chapter seven or nine or whichever one seems most likely to cooperate. You guys talk among yourselves. Feel free to comment. In fact I'd love it if you'd comment.

Remind me, when I have a couple of free brain cells to rub together that I want to talk about books and movies and the fickleness of memory. But not now. Now the book awaits.

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Blogger Jill said...

I love Gidget!!!! I have seen all the movies. She was smart and fun and not just interested in boys for the sake of being interested. I wasn't of the same generation, but I really related to her as a character. I haven't read the book, but I thought about buying a copy when it went back into print.

25 October, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

I just re-watched the movie and while it is certainly a period piece, it's definitely about a girl who wants to discover who SHE is as a person before she gets serious about a guy.

I find that it's something of the some theme that I'm dealing with in the backstory to my current book. Hmmm. I guess the influence is there.

The book, Gidget, is better than the movie. I can envision whole scenes in my head that should have been shot (they were in the book) and never were. Too bad, as the story is better -- and also more in tune with Gidget finding her own identity rather than just hooking up with Moondoggie.

Buy the book. Definitely worth it.

25 October, 2007  
Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne, Thank you for the picture of James Darrin. Boy, did it bring back memories. Oh yeah! He would definitely make a great Male on Monday.

I don't know why but, now I've got the song Thanks for the memories stuck in my head. James Darrin definitely isn't Bob Hope but, I thank you for bringing back some very good memories of my youth. I don't know if I want to thank you for the song stuck in my head. LOL.

All the best, Mads:)

27 October, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Maybe you should replace "thanks for the memories" with "Gidget." Surely you can hear Jimmy D singing it if you try.

Enjoy the memories.


27 October, 2007  

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