Friday, February 22, 2008

RITA books

I just finished reading the last of my RITA contest books.

It's always intriguing to open the package from Romance Writers of America every January and find out which books I get to read for the contest. Sometimes they are by authors whose work I am familiar with. But often they are books I don't know the first thing about by authors I've never heard of.

Because we can't, of course, judge books in our own category (for me that is short contemporary or whatever they are calling it now that it and 'traditional' have been lumped together) I don't know the names of as many of the authors as I do among the books similar to mine.

So it's always an adventure to read the long historicals or the witty regencies or the super-short novellas or big thick single titles. And nearly every year I discover an author whose voice delights me, whose characters fascinate me, whose plots make me keep turning the pages.

It's so much fun to find someone new to watch out for. Sometimes it's a first book. When I'm lucky it's someone with a backlist so I can go find all her earlier books and read and read and read (well, when I'm not writing).

I wish I could tell you whose books I read this year. I definitely found one I will be checking back lists for.

On another topic (one that I am nervous of addressing for fear it will jinx things), Seb is cooperating nicely right now. He's had two good days in a row. This is perhaps not a record, but it is a good sign. I have very low standards when it comes to Hero Performance in a Book, as you can tell.



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