Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Holding out for a hero

I wrote about researching heroes on my guest blog at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs today. Naturally I flashed a pic of Hugh-in-a-towel. There would have been screams (notably from Kate) if I hadn't.

And I also put up a pic of the man who is becoming Sebastian. Or who Sebastian is becoming.

As I said there, he's no longer the guy I thought he was. He's more buttoned-down, more serious, more intense. He's one of those guys who thinks he has all the answers. More this guy.


Well anyway, I needed a pic that expressed the harder-edged, buttoned-down-ness of him, the unsmiling intensity of him. And because Kate was wrestling with Santos (not a bad pastime if you ask me) I said, "Who is he? Let me see him."

So she showed me a pic.

Not this pic, mind you -- but this man. And we decided he needed further research. And the more research I did, the more I found pix of a man who was everything that my Sebastian was becoming -- Intense. Unsmiling. Hard-edged.

A real Presents hero? Good grief. My editor might die of the shock.

I said, "I think I need him."

So Kate, dear friend that she is, is sharing.

Her Santos has his own incarnation in this guy. He will be no more like my Seb than any of our other heroes are alike. We just found visual inspiration in the same place -- and she was nice enough to share.

This means of course that I will have Mr Smiling Shaggy Hair standing on my doorstep looking for his own book now. But that's not precisely a hardship. We'll see what we can find for him.

And speaking of heroes -- here's one of my very favorites (Favourites? he would say. And then he would say, Favourite, dear lady. Singular.) Well, he would. He's that sort of cat. He has a starring role (by his definition) in One-Night Love Child.

He hopes you'll read it and send him fan mail. You will, won't you?

Oh, and happy St Piran's Day to all my fellow Cornish all over the world.

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Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne, I just noticed the similarity between Sid and my Sadie. They could almost pass for twins. They have the same markings. I wonder if Sid has any American cousins.

Tell Kate that I'll need a PO Box number for Sir Sid, to send him some fan mail from my Sadie. I hope she won't mind getting more mail addressed to Sid. He's a very popular cat, and we all love him.

Thank you to Kate, for sharing that handsome hunks picture with Anne. I'm sitting here panting, just looking at him. I can't wait to read the books that this handsome hunk inspired.

06 March, 2008  
Blogger Michelle Styles said...

I look forward to reading about Seb, in whatever guise you put him.

And of course, actors play different roles in their careers, but somehow manage to bring something of themselves to the role.
So why shouldn't an actor serve as different inspiration for a number of writers.
I think sometimes, it is more a thinking about how he would play the part/could that actor play that part?
And each writer is looking for slightly different qualities...
Yours will always have the essence of Anne McAllister.

06 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Mads, I think Sid can get email through Kate's site. I am not sure if she has a PO Box.

Michelle, you're right, of course. And that's a good analogy about different actors playing different roles. So he'll be Seb for me and Santos for Kate and we can compliment him on his versatility!

06 March, 2008  

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