Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance

Kate Walker wrote a book a few years back called The 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. As she has been published by Harlequin Mills & Boon as long as I have, she's been around the block a few times and she knows what she's talking about.

Lots of people besides me think so. Kate's book was an enormous success. It sold out pretty much everywhere it was on sale. And recently her publisher came to her and wanted to reprint.

Kate had a better idea. She knew that some writing advice is timeless, but some depends on publishers and the market. In order to give fledgling writers the best chance possible, she was determined to make the book as timely as possible. So she rewrote and updated the book.

The new revised second edition of The 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance is launching this month. In fact it's making its official debut at the London Book Fair, which is pretty impressive.

Kate is off to London to hobnob with the bigwigs next week and promote her book. I haven't seen it yet, though I offered some "timely" advice for it. I have no doubt, though, that it's every bit as good as the first edition. Probably it's even better.

Check it out via Kate's blog. And if you are a writer, especially a romance writer, looking for a lot of good advice by someone who knows what she's talking about, pick up your own copy of The 12 Point Guide. It's like being walked through the process of writing by a cheerful, knowledgeable expert who understands what you need to know and tells you before you even think to ask.

There is a blog party launch celebration going on over at Kate's right now. So if you hie yourself over there, you might win a copy of it or of any number of terrific books.

If I had a copy, I'd give it away here.

I don't. So I'll just have to add another of my recent reads to the pile of Give-Aways for this week.

It's Julia Harper's novel Hot. I think it may be her first novel. It was a fun read. Turner Hastings, small town Wisconsin librarian turned criminal-on-the-run, and John MacKinnon, the FBI Special Agent who, the longer he chases Turner, loses sight of exactly what his priorities are officially supposed to be, are fun to spend time with.

A veteran of lots of upper midwest summers -- and the ticks, bugs, sweat, and heat that go with them -- I had no trouble putting myself right in Turner's shoes. That isn't the only thing that makes it hot, by the way.

Parenthetically, I'm blogging today over at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs about writing. Stop by and leave a comment there and you could win Flynn's book. And you can read my 'wisdom' too, of course! It's about writing (and if I didn't say it for Kate's book, I should have. It's good advice).

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Blogger CrystalGB said...

I really want to read this book. I love her Elizabeth Hoyt books.

10 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Oh! Is she Elizabeth Hoyt, too? I didn't know that! Thanks for the info, Crystalgb.

10 April, 2008  
Blogger Ellen said...

Sounds like a fun book to read.

10 April, 2008  
Blogger Patricia said...

I'm hoping to get my hands on Kate's book. What more could this 'floundering chick' want but advice from the veterans. I couldn't ask for more. Even if I never become published it's so much fun to hobnob with the best. Thanks girls!

10 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Ellen, it was definitely fun. Lots of quirky characters. A bit of slapstick, and yet some serious issues underlying the funny bits.

Patricia, I think you'll really like Kate's book. I'm sure you'll learn things from it. I did.

11 April, 2008  
Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne,
Thank you for the information that Kates book is out this month. I need all the help I can get at this point. I'm going to pick up a copy as soon as our local B&N gets them in. Maybe I'll see if Amazon has copies available this month.

Have a great weekend. Hugs, Mads:)

11 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Mads, Kate's book is a great support and has lots of good info in it. If I were getting started now, I'd be eagerly waiting for a copy. Hope you get yours soon.

11 April, 2008  

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