Monday, April 21, 2008

Here We Go Again!

For the fourth week (and we're about halfway through the book bag) I've got books to give away to a lucky reader -- or someone willing to bribe Gunnar with treats.

This week starts off with the inimitable Nora Roberts and the first book of her Circle Trilogy, Morrigan's Cross.

As more books of Nora's have become part myth, part legend, part relationship and romance, so it is with Morrigan's Cross, which begins with the hero Hoyt on a quest. His quest takes him from 12th century Ireland to present day New York City. It involves all manner of mythic and legendary events.

I have enjoyed Nora's books for a lot of years -- and my favorites are the ones with less supernatural elements and greater emphasis on the characterization of 'regular people'. They are the ones I go back to over and over. Particularly, in this vein, I like Chesapeake Blue.

Morrigan's Cross
is a little more supernatural than I usually read, but it has many of the hallmark features of the best Nora Roberts books.

It might be exactly your cup of tea. Certainly the interplay between the characters is vintage Nora and not to be missed.

If you are this week's winner, let me know what you think.

To get entered in the drawing, just make a comment this week. Gunnar has rumpled all the comment papers so much that I'm starting anew. So if you are interested in being part of his treats ritual and having a chance for this book and four others, including one by the fabulous Deborah Smith, jump in.

Ellen mentioned frogs and Michelle wanted to know how they are going -- pretty well, thank you. But some are still Missing In Action and they'd better show up in their dress greens by the end of the month.

That's when they board the email for Richmond and the editor. I'd hate to leave any of them out! The ed would probably hate it, too. I am having trouble imagining what she'd say if I sent in a book with no chapter eight because number 8 frog had declined to appear.

# # # #

And for the reader from Venezuela who asked about Sentimientos Equivocados, Lo siento pero no se come se llama este libro en ingles. Y no tengo el libro aqui para mirarlo y descubrir quienes son los caracteres. Si lo supiera, podia decirle algo sobre ello, but hasta que aprenda cual es, no puedo ayudarle. Lo siento. (Siento tambien que no hay accentos que puedo usar en escribir este blog. Y favor de disculparme los errores en espanol.)

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Blogger Dina said...

Oh, I love supernatural & Morrigan's Cross sounds just perfect.

Gunnar likes to play with the comments I see. :)

21 April, 2008  
Blogger KimW said...

Coming in to say "hello" to you Anne and bringing treats to Gunnar. lol

I've read a lot of Nora Robert's stories but not Morrigan's Cross.

21 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Dina, yes, Morrigan's Cross sounds like it would be right up your alley.

And Kim, I'll pass along the treats to Gunnar! He'll be pleased -- especially since I went to his grandma's today and forgot the bread crusts she sent home to him and his brothers. He's very DISpleased about that!

21 April, 2008  

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