Monday, July 21, 2008

Flynn's Back!

It isn't that Flynn doesn't want to share the limelight.

Well, maybe it is, because I'm pretty sure Flynn thinks PJ will have lots of opportunity to promote his own book in the next few months.

So when I got an email today from Maggie at telling me that One-Night Love Child was going to be part of their series of books available by email, I told Flynn and he immediately said in his Earl's Voice, "And you've put it on your blog, of course."

He's really getting into his role as the earl, our Flynn.

Well, I was heading off to the dentist right then, and so I couldn't.

But as soon as I got back and found him tapping his toe and looking expectantly at me (I was going to say, Looking expectant, but he doesn't. That's Sara.). So I hurried right in here to post the good news.

DailyLit, in case you aren't familiar with it, sends out daily emails of the books it makes available through the site. It's like getting your own serialized version of a book daily to have with your morning coffee or on your lunch break or whenever you have a few minutes and want to dip into the daily read.

Those of you who read Kate Walker's blog know that her Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife was chosen to be given away as a free promotional title. It came out in June 2008 and is available through the summer.

So you can see what it's like by reading Kate's wonderful book. Or you can choose One-Night Love Child or any one of hundreds of books -- not only romance -- and for a modest sum have it delivered to your email box daily.

Flynn wishes they'd send his articles and books out that way. Mostly he hopes you will go check out his book there if you haven't already read it in book or e-book format.

And he was delighted to hear that when I told the DailyLit people his story began in The Great Montana Cowboy Auction, they said they'd look into including it among their offerings. I hope they do. It would be terrific to have Sloan and Polly's story available again.

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Blogger Dina said...

I'm glad Flynn's back, I truly enjoyed One Night Love Child.

22 July, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Dina, Flynn says thank you very much. He and Sara are both thrilled that you enjoyed it. And they hope if DailyLit serializes The Great Montana Cowboy Auction that you'll go back and read it to find out how they met.

22 July, 2008  
Blogger Dina said...

Will it be available in book form? I would love to read it. :)

22 July, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Dina, DailyLit does them in daily emails to subscribers. I don't think there are any plans at the moment to reprint it in book form.

But you can always ask Silhouette about it (because they published it) or Harlequin Presents (because they did Flynn and Sara). Probably easier (though not so attractive to me!) to just track down a used copy on Amazon or elsewhere. I'm sure they are out there.

22 July, 2008  

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