Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching Up

I apologize for the delay in posts. I have got the laundry done. I've sorted through the photocopies I made at the record office. I am just on my way out the door to pick up Gunnar's meds. And then, I hope, I will be able to do something with the photos I took and share a few with you.

I discovered when I got home that I have lots of other blog commitments in the next couple of weeks. I get the Friday slot this week at the Pink Heart Society to celebrate the long and stellar career of Paul Newman (so stop by and reminisce with me).

Next Monday I am at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs celebrating heroines in general and one in particular.

Next Wednesday I'm writing a "Presents" blog and will post the link closer to the time. And the following Monday, I get to go back to Pink Heart to write about a Male on Monday who made my heart beat faster on prime time television a couple of years ago.

So if you don't find me here, you can certainly find me there.

Not to mention that I am up to my eyeballs in Christo's story, which I have been working on again since I got home. I threw out 2000 words, which puts me a little behind where I want to be. But at least I have momentum back. For a while there it felt like the book was stuck in the literary version of Montana gumbo.

Also, I have just learned from my editor that Savas' Defiant Mistress is going to be an April Harlequin Presents, just three months after Antonides' Forbidden Wife is on the Presents schedule.

Will this make people think I can write a book in 3 months? Good grief, I hope not.

Though it would certainly be nice if I could. Back to work!

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Blogger Patricia said...

Welcome back Anne. I hope you had a wonderful vacation. I wish I could travel more. I would love it. I'll pop over to your blog sites. Looking forward to your latest releases in the coming months.

15 October, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Patricia. It was an excellent trip. Not so much a vacation as a real learning experience. I got a lot of good info for Demetrios's book. Now I just have to finish Christo's so I can get to it!

15 October, 2008  
Blogger Patricia said...

I enjoyed reading about Kate Walker's foray into the tragic demise of the little boy and his history. Genealogy is addictive. I have a penchant for my Civil War ancestors. My son, a college history major is following suit. Good luck finishing Christo's story it will be fantastic they always are. Have fun playing catch up and I hope you'll get some rest as well.

15 October, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Patricia, you don't have to tell me how addictive family history is. I have been doing it for years. And the mystery of Charles Goring's sad early death intrigued me, too. I hope Kate finds some more information on the accident using local newspapers.

I just tracked some of my Cornish fmaily back across the cliffs of the Lizard to a windswept farm near the sea. It was a hard life. I think I'm grateful to come from such tough stock!

15 October, 2008  

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