Friday, February 13, 2009

Anne McAllister : : New Look! New contest! New cover!

It's here! The new look has arrived!

For those of you who are lurking on the blog wondering why nothing has changed, it has. But maybe not on the blog just yet. Soon!

But if you hurry on over to my website, you can see the "new look" Heather has brought us! I really really like it. I hope you do, too.

There will be continuing updates throughout the coming week -- or perhaps even longer -- as Heather links up all the backlist books and puts up "portal" pages for the different lines, publishers and mini-series. I've got over 60 books in my backlist now, so it is no easy matter to slap them all up there.

She's done a great job of putting my mini-series books together and providing the links. So you should soon be able to find the linked books without wondering if you've missed something along the way. How you get them, of course, since most of them are out of print now, is another story. But maybe Silhouette and Harlequin will decide to reprint. We can hope!

In honor of the newness of everything, I have put up a new contest as well. The winner will get a goody box containing, among other things, a copy of my upcoming Savas' Defiant Mistress which will be coming out toward the end of March. If you want a taste of Sebastian's life, you can read an excerpt on my website now.

There will be other things in the goody box as well. I've been collecting some fun things for the past few months -- including a wonderful plush frog in honor of the year of the frog (you remember, the ducks are out now and the frogs are in) -- and I always add in other writers' books as well as some of my own backlist titles.

So if you want to have a chance to win a great prize, go to the contest page, hook up the four books and their heroes and heroines I've mixed up there (answers are all over the place -- on my blog, on my website (as soon as the links are up) and if you google them, you can probably figure out the answers, too.

Send your answers to me by March 1st to enter. Mitch and Micah, my golden retrievers (and contest chairmen), will be wrestling over the choice the next day. They say they won't take bribes. I hope that's true!

While you're visiting the website, sign up for my newsletter if you want something in your email box irregularly. It will be rare, I promise. I won't be giving your address to anyone. It's all mine.

And if you have comments or suggestions or wonderful things to say to Heather, please contact me as well. We'd love to hear from you.

What do you think? Like the new look? I hope so!

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Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Oh, look! The comments link works. It must not have been our problem at all, but one at Blogger? Dunno. But it seems to work. Hooray.

14 February, 2009  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

The new look web site looks wonderful - sophisticated, clear and informative. But then I wouldn't have expected anything less from Heather's work. She's a star isn't she?


14 February, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Indeed Heather is a star. Thanks, Kate -- for saying so and for 'sharing' Heather. I am very glad to have her doing my site.

14 February, 2009  
Blogger Dina said...

Love the new look, gorgeous!

14 February, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Dina! Glad you stopped by. There will be more things going up this week -- all the backlist books, etc., I hope.

15 February, 2009  

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