Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My New Hero

Shortly before 10 this morning the FedEx guy appeared on the doorstep bringing me my perfect computer.

The fact that it appeared 3 days earlier than promised is, to my way of thinking, a good sign.

So was my first impression.

Right out of the box Mr Refurbished looked stunning and handsome, sleek and slender, with rock hard muscles and wearing a burnished silver and matte black suit. Handsome, indeed.

But looks, as we know, aren't everything.

Deep down where it counts, though, he seems pretty impressive, too.

He's fast, for one thing. But in a good way. He has a lot of memory (won't be forgetting the important things, I'm sure). He doesn't get all hot and bothered the way his predecessor did (at least so far he's stayed cool and calm under a day of arduous testing and having his programs tweaked). No sitting on the wastebasket to cool his ardor yet.

He hasn't crashed once. And he hasn't spun his hourglass for, well, hours , either. Always a good thing.

I added him to the network and he seems to be playing nice with the other computers. I was going to add him as AM-laptop, but he took exception. He told me he has a name.

His name is Charley.

I've never had a laptop with a name before. I feel almost like he expects me to write a book about him.

Next thing you know he'll be angling for a little pink laptop girlfriend. Or, possibly worse, one of those lipstick red ones like my friend Mary Ann has. That laptop is positively dangerous.

I can see right now that I'm going to have to be careful about where I take him. He may be easily led astray. I won't be able to leave him alone with Mary Ann's stunning red honey of a laptop, that's for sure.

On second thought, maybe I should.

Would they have little laptops, do you think? There's a thought.

Anyway, so far the news is good. Charley seems to be everything I'd hoped he would be and more.

But, of course, this is the honeymoon.

Tonight he gets to tackle the last of a chapter of Demetrios and Anny. It's all been fun and games here up til now. We'll see how Charley likes real work.

I wonder if he knows how to sail a boat.

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Blogger Rachael Johns said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh... I have a lovely newish metallic pink laptop that would love to meet Charley!!

02 June, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Uh-oh! See, I knew there would be trouble. Already the girls are gathering around.

I'm not sure Charley is reading the blog yet. I can see I'll have to monitor his internet habits.

02 June, 2009  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Dear Anne,

I have a scarlet hussey called Dell.

Poor Charley doesn't stand a chance.

Love Rach.

03 June, 2009  
Blogger Christa said...

The relationship between you and Charley sounds wonderful. Here's to continued happiness throughout the years to come

03 June, 2009  
Blogger Gems said...

This post really made me smile, sadly my laptop is old and wouldn't be a good match for Charley.

03 June, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Rach, uh-oh again! Charley seems to be a babe magnet. I took him out today and several women lusted after him and they didn't even have computers!

Christa, I hope we have lots of happiness throughout the years to come, too. But it seems I'm going to have to beat off the competition with a stick!

Gems, I have Old Wonky. Perhaps he and your elderly laptop would enjoy each other. They could stare at each other's hourglasses and overheat together.

03 June, 2009  

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