Friday, May 22, 2009

One more research question

Thanks to Rach and to Antoinette, I now have a time frame for Demetrios and Anny's sailing adventure. And Antoinette has provided them with a fabulous boat.

So I currently have just one more question for those in the know.

If you are sailing on a private vessel between European countries -- in this case France, Italy and Greece -- how do you comply with customs and passport control when you enter and leave a country?

If you moor your boat off an Italian coastal village for a night and go into town for provisions, officially what do you need to do?

Maybe that's two questions, but I think it's just one. I'm going to be checking online to see if I can find the answer. But if you've ever done it yourself and want to enlighten me, I'd be very grateful.

The book is halfway there now. And the rest seems to have at least a clue about what it's supposed to be doing. This is a good thing as it's due June 15th.

Anny has told me that she wants LOTS of time available on the boat as she has several things planned.

I said, "We'll see." Ever since she's been giving me narrow looks.

As I quite agree with her ideas, though, I will probably allow her all the time she needs.

Poor Demetrios.

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