Monday, May 18, 2009

Research help!

Miss me?

I got caught up in taking care of Ellie and Henry last week. And when I wasn't doing that, I was hard at work on Demetrios and Anny.

The interminable (or so it seemed) chapter two finally ended (after 7500+ words) and I was able to move into -- and straight through -- chapter three in a couple of days.

I came home on Saturday and made the wonderful discovery that being stuck in the Minneapolis-St Paul airport for almost 5 hours had no downside at all. The food court has counters with electrical strips running along the back and there is an outlet for every seat.

So I bought my personal pizza and a nice cup of tea and set up the laptop (with its wonky battery I despaired of being able to do much work) and got almost 1500 words done before I had to catch my next flight.

Right now Mpls-St Paul (MSP) is at the top of my favorite airports list. If I could figure out who to write a fan letter to for all those electrical hookups, I'd do it in a minute. If you know, tell me.

And now I'm in chapter four. Which requires sailing knowledge. Not a ton, but more than I have. And my sailing friend -- at least the one I usually consult -- Peggy Nicholson who wrote Run So Far, one of my favorite Harlequin Presents of all time, is up to her eyeballs in work of her own right now.

I've put out feelers to my other sailing friend, Antoinette Stockenberg, and I hope she can answer.

But in case she can't, if any of you have sailing in the Mediterranean knowledge, can I please pick your brain?

I need to get Demetrios from Cannes to Santorini realistically. The internet is letting me down.

So if you can come to my rescue, I'd be much obliged. So would Demetrios, who has assured his brother Theo that it won't be a problem.

Well, he didn't think it would be. Neither did I.

I'm still hopeful that it won't be!

I'll bore you with Ellie and Henry pix another day. Right now I have to do the stuff I can do in chapter four without the particular details I'm going to need before the final draft.

First off, I need to find a sailboat.

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Anonymous Rachel said...

Dear Anne,

I'm no sailor but do they need to make the journey quickly? The link below might be helpful route wise. Am assuming He has his own vessel?!

Lots of love,

19 May, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Rach,

You're a star! Thank you so much for that website. It's a great help -- and it corroborated what Antoinette's sailing friend told me in terms of time. Plus it gave me some places they can stop! Yea, you!

I can't thank you enough. But I can send you a book. So if you would like an Anne McAllister back-list book, please send me your snail address via the 'contact Anne' links at the bottom of my webpage or on the contact page of the site.

Thanks again so much!

19 May, 2009  
Blogger Eva S said...

Hi Anne,
you know I love Santorini, haven't been there yet, but someday! I'm looking forward to reading your next book!

21 May, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Eva! Hope you enjoy it. The next one (not sure when it's out in the US, but in UK November) takes place in California and Brazil. Nothing like a little globe-hopping!

21 May, 2009  

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