Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sol's Contest

As Henry had a contest to celebrate his arrival 10 weeks ago, it is only fair that Sol has his own contest now.

He was due on the 4th of July, so the contest officially begins then. But if you jump the gun (as Sol did) and enter early, that's okay with me (and Sol).

His contest is a short one because we've got lots of stuff going on mid-month (other grandkids coming for summer camp) and then we're going to be getting ready to go visit Sol himself and (this is the traumatic part) cleaning the house to get it ready for friends who are coming to stay here while we are gone.

So . . . if you want to win the "Welcome Sol" Goody Box, go to the contest page and answer the two questions you need to answer.
  1. Which book of mine is up for the RITA award this year?
  2. Which two books of mine have won the RITA previously?

The answers aren't hard to find. They're on my website. One of them is on the blog as well.

Send me an email from the link there with the answers and put "Welcome Sol" in the subject line so I'll know it's a contest entry.

The winner -- drawn by Mitch and Micah because Sol is too little to choose himself -- will be drawn after midnight July 17 and will be posted as soon as my webmistress can manage it on the contest page. I'll also announce it here.

The winner gets a Goody Box of:
  • books (a couple of mine, a couple of my friends', some just really good books I'll be talking about in the next couple of weeks including a great historical trilogy by Joanna Maitland, a new book by Carla Kelly and, well, wait and see!),
  • some chocolate (no contests without chocolate),
  • other good nibbly things,
  • a stuffed frog or a stuffed dog (I'll let Sol's parents choose),
  • and some other things I have yet to figure out.
Stay tuned for details. But stop by the contest page, answer the questions, and send me your entry.

Feel free to say welcome to Sol and hi to Mitch and Micah while you're at it.

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