Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oops, I've got a life . . .

So I was sitting here contemplating my collage -- and my first chapter which seems to have bogged down in the coffee shop (what do these people WANT?), and I got an email from the editor of two different genealogical periodicals that I write for.

She said, "Just a reminder that you have an article due February 1st."

And I consulted my calendar and wrote back, "Actually, you'll see that I have one due February 15th."

And she consulted her calendar -- and our email correspondence and wrote me back: "Yes, you do. But that's for the other magazine. You have a different article due February 1st for this one."



Nothing like a deadline in a day (when I have to take my mother to the eye doc 85 miles away tomorrow) to concentrate the mind. So I spent part of the day interviewing the head of the program I'm writing about and part of it figuring out the lead-in (which is the hardest part) and part of it making sense of the notes I took, and now I've got, um, about a third of an article. But I will get the rest done tomorrow. I might even get a little bit more done tonight. But not much. My eyes are crossing.

And I also had to write the monthly feature blurb for our Harlequin Presents Authors site (I'm the featured author for February on account of having a book out. Remember Theo and Martha? I thought you might.)

And I wrote answers to questions about writing for one of the romance book sites which I will tell you more about when I find out more about it. Suffice to say, today I was just interested in answering the questions. Where they go from here is not my problem.

And then, I walked the dogs and paid the bills and discovered that if I switch my internet provider and the tv (which we never even had for years, but now that the kids are grown, we do) to another provider, I can save $60 a month, and my head did the math rather more rapidly than I'm used to and thought brightly, "I could fly to England every year on what I'd be saving." So that looks like it might happen.

It's also snowing a little, which means sweeping the walk. Not snowing as much as this, but we already had this and most of it is still here. It also means fielding phone calls from my mother who spent 75 years in California and has blotted the years in Montana right out of her head. So she wants me to tell her how to dress. Um, warmly. Lots of layers. LOTS of layers.

It's about -1 degree (F, not C) which make the snow squeak when you walk on it. She walks slower than I do. She needs more layers.

And I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know about my day.

Sometimes just sitting home and working on the book is more interesting than having a life. More restful, too.


Blogger anne frasier said...

sorry to hear of your deadline surprise! i'm so impressed with how you attacked the task. but not surprised. i'm afraid i'd probably be in bed with a migraine. :D

and yes, it's COLD!! so strange that your winter isn't much colder than mine. i've been comparing temps since fall and so far we're always pretty close. i'm guessing that will change in another month or so though.

31 January, 2007  

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