Friday, April 27, 2007

Nothing to whine about . . .

That's the thing, you see . . . when the book is going swimmingly, which it is, I want to spend all my time writing it and none of the time writing anything else (like my blog).

After all, I play here when everything is falling apart there. But nothing is falling apart right now. I had a great day with Flynn and Sara. I'm not sure Sara enjoyed it much -- or that Flynn is going to enjoy it later -- but I had a blast! I also got to write a conversation between Sara and her mom. And as Polly has always been one of my favorite heroines, I really enjoyed meeting up with her again.

Because the day went so well, I went out this evening with a friend to watch a Maori dance troupe which came to one of our local colleges to perform. They had the misfortune to have to do it in a gymnasium with terrible acoustics. But the dancers themselves were marvelous, the singing was really compelling. But the music they had to use for accompaniment was ruined by the sound system and the acoustics of the gym. Very much a shame because they were really worth watching.

I went to a similar performance at the museum in Auckland the first day we were in New Zealand. It was wonderful, but this one actually seemed even more 'authentic' or perhaps done with less 'showmanship' and so felt more 'real.'

At the one in Auckland I was drafted to learn how to swing poi. Perhaps that colored my memories 0f it as I'm not the world's most coordinated person. And with a 27 hour trip behind me and no sleep, it's a wonderI didn't hit myself in the eye! Still, it gave me a great appreciation for the dexterity of the dancers. Graceful Rn't Us, I fear.

Anyway, I have nothing to whine about regarding the book. It's zipping right along. Does this sort of thing happen to Nora Roberts all the time, I wonder? Perhaps that's why she writes so many more books than I do. Or maybe she just fights through the tough stuff with more energy. That's probably more likely.

In any case, most of the time I say, "Writing is easy and fun for me," I'm being sarcastic. I wouldn't be if I said it today. Some days it actually is.


Blogger Lee Morrison said...

Hi Anne!

Glad to hear the book is going well.


28 April, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Lee. Yes, it is. That's four days in a row now. It's such a great feeling when it all seems to work. How wonderful and rare it is!


28 April, 2007  

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