Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enough about sheep

Abby has vanished screaming over the Mountains of Mourne or someplace green. And Eamon was last seen following her, bleating.

And I am back in Ireland -- at least on paper -- because the proofs of Flynn and Sara have arrived to be read over. I'm marking them in green pen. Fortunately, so far, I don't have a lot of marking done. That means that, so far, the proofs, seem to be in good shape. Cross your fingers. I'd cross mine, but it's hard to mark proofs that way.

As a special treat, though, because we are back in Ireland, though sans sheep at the moment, I am posting a picture of O'Mally and Friend.

O'Mally, as you may recall, has a significant part in the Irish section of Flynn and Sara's book. He is Liam's best friend. O'Mally's friend here is not Liam. Liam is much older -- and has more hair -- than O'Mally's friend.

In the book this friend is called Eamon, but since we have now got a sheep running amok on this blog who is named Eamon, we aren't going to claim that O'Mally's friend is Eamon too. (If we did, Abby might throw herself into the Irish Sea)

Anyway, O'Mally's mom -- who also happens to be his friend's mom which I suppose makes O'Mally's friend really O'Mally's brother -- sent me this picture last week and said I could share it on the blog, so I am.

Where was this pic was when I was making my collage is what I want to know! Anyway, enjoy. I am.

Parenthetically, I also enjoyed a fantastic concert in Mineral Point, Wisconsin tonight by the Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir from Cornwall.

Mineral Point was, in the mid 19th century for quite a few years, one of the destinations of choice of Cornish miners. Well, this whole area was, but Mineral Point has hung onto its identification with Cornwall more fervently than other places. And they are lucky enough to get concerts like this every now and then.

We went. It was amazing. I will go to bed humming Trelawny. Or, more likely, because it's a tune I remember my grandmother singing, Camborne Hill.

Thanks, Mineral Point for the opportunity. And many many thanks to the Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir. You guys were fantastic.


Blogger Madeline said...

Anne, Please thank O'Mallys Mom for the picture. He's too cute for words.
I absolutely love cute little bald men.

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. It sounds like it was wonderful. We don't get to hear any music like that up here in the sticks where I live. Maybe once in awhile on a PBS special, if we're lucky.

Have a great day today. Mads:)

02 August, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...


Mineral Point is, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, not the hub of the Western Cultural World. Some might even call it "in the sticks." Not me, though.

Still, there are parts of Pennsylvania full of Cornish miners. You just need to find out of you live in one of them -- and then, if you do, start lobbying for a visit from one of the great choirs of Cornwall. Or Wales. Wales has great choirs too.

03 August, 2007  

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