Monday, July 23, 2007

Hunkthighs and Shoulderman Live!

Have you seen Kate Walker's blog today?

Hunkthighs and Shoulderman, Anne Gracie's wonderful "romantic?" heroes have made an appearance in honor of her 50th book.

She is rightly chuffed at their arrival, as well she should be. They were the darlings of the M&B authors' loop -- our mascots actually, while Anne was with us there. And since she is no longer there, I must say I've missed them.

They have occasionally written me emails. Did you think my only correspondent was A Cat? Think again. They even sent me a copy of their book. You didn't know they had a book? They do. Wonderful book. Wonderful "heroes."

Speaking of romantic heroes, I'm about 3/4 of the way through a very long synopsis of Seb and Neely's book. By the time I get it finished they will probably have 10,000 words that I'll never use again. But I hope it will make them come alive for me when I most need them to -- in the book!

I've never found it easy to write a synopsis, but if I think of it as discovering the emotional throughline of the story it comes more readily. I am less stumped by the "what" that is going to happen than by "how they are going to feel" about it and each other at any given time. That seems to work.

I remember writing the synopsis for The Eight Second Wedding and sending it to Barbara Bretton who said basically, "I get it now. They meet. He gets hit in the head. They go down the road together. He gets hit in the head. They live happily ever after."

And I said, "Um, yeah. That's about it."

What happened in the middle of the book was a mystery to me until I actually wrote it. I discovered last night a bit more of what is going to happen in the way of "events" in Seb and Neely's book. That might make it easier to write than Flynn and Sara's was.

I do think I've avoided the four month walk from the apartment to the cafe on the corner, which plagued me with them. For one thing, I moved the cafe -- and the city in question. And these aren't the same people. Good thing, too.

What are some good San Francisco tunes? Besides I Left My Heart In San Francisco, I mean. Since neither of them is leaving SF, the song doesn't apply.

I think I might need a bit of musical inspiration -- and I'm woefully lacking in song knowledge. I need something funky for Neely -- maybe a little "folksy" or a little "Grateful Dead"ish. Oddly I think Seb may prefer heavy metal. It drowns out the interference in his life.


Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne,
First, let me thank you for the laugh on the synopsis of The Eight Second Wedding. I really needed that.
Second, I think there was a folk type song called If you're going to SanFrancisco. I remember listening to it back in the 70's but I'm not sure who sang it. The first line of the song was, If you're going to SanFrancisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
I hope this helps, at least a little. If I can think of some other modern day songs about SanFrancisco, I'll be sure to let you know. I'll have to ask my 20 year old about any heavy metal or rock songs about SanFrancisco. That should be an interesting conversation.

24 July, 2007  
Blogger Michelle Styles said...

Yes, I thought of the same thing as Mads.
There is Otis Redding -- Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Huey Lewis and the News -- We built this city.
Huey Lewis was from SF
I thin Jefferson Starship did some songs aboutSF. They were from the area.
I can't think if Jerry Garcia ever mentioned SF.
Then if you go really far back, you have the songs of the 49ers. One went Open that Golden Gate, hurry up don't late...
If you need more suggestions, there are people I can ask...

24 July, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...


Thanks, Mads and Michelle. I was thinking about Sitting on the Dock of the Bay myself. I have it on an old album, but it wasn't Otis Redding. Bet you Otis did a better version, though. Can't remember who did the one I have.

I don't think Seb's music needs to have to do with SF. He just needs to use it to encase himself in when he's thinking. It's almost white noise for him. Something that allows him to ignore significant noises that might demand attention if he heard them.

Jerry G doesn't have to have written about SF, but I think he would have been a real influence on Neely's mother.

It's not a big deal. Just trying to get to grips with a little more of the 'environment.' Thanks for your suggestions. They help.

24 July, 2007  

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