Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spence and Sadie's Book

Those of you who have been jogging along with me on this blog for a while may remember when Spence and Sadie had a lot of blog time.

They were the "flavor of the months" for more than a few months. Spence even blogged here a few times, as did Sadie. And they are planning to come back in August in anticipation of the publication of their book, The Boss's Wife For a Week, in September in the UK and in October in the US.

But in the meantime, I can show you the cover.

To be honest, I can't see any relationship between the scene on this cover and the book I sent them.

This is one of those "win a few, lose a few" covers in which I rather feel as if I lost. Or Spence and Sadie lost.

Granted, there is a bit of the book that takes place in New York City. But Spence and Sadie are at loggerheads during that time. They never spend any of their time in NYC on a couch, believe me.

And they were never in midtown except when Spence took Sadie to her room at the Plaza Hotel (he didn't set foot in the door).

Where did the book take place?

Well, Fiji mostly. How hard is it to come up with a good cover of a tropical paradise?

I suppose my editor thought that she'd used up all my 'palm tree good will' on the McGillivrays who suffered from a surfeit of palm trees. But the Chrysler Building instead?

They didn't deserve the Chrysler Building. They deserved a bure and a canopied bed and a tropical waterfall. They might even have deserved Dominic and Sierra's cover from The Inconvenient Bride (which took place in New York)! Come to think of it, maybe they could just switch the covers).

Am I disappointed? Yes.

It is, if possible, worse in the Presents version because the cover painting, as you may notice, is largely WHITE. And so is the Presents cover. So is my name on the cover (well, it's GRAY -- which makes it fade, too). Is invisibility what they were aiming for?

I just hope people don't only decide to pick up a book based on its cover. If they do, they'll be disappointed. And if they were looking for a book set in a wonderful tropical setting, they'll look right past the Chrysler Building. Sigh.

I just hope some people remember Spence from The Santorini Bride and want to know what his story is all about, why he needs a wife for a week, and the shock Sadie has in store for him!


Blogger Michelle Styles said...

Look, I don't care what cover the book has! I just wnat to read this story!

I have wanted to read Spence's story ever since he first appeared on your blog. And after reading The Santorini Bride, I really wanted to read it.

As it is a Sept release, it means I can order it off the M&B site in August.

The cover has a lovely feel to it.
The other point isthat maybe they had a lot of tropical covers for the summer?

But I am getting this book based on Spence!

19 July, 2007  
Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne,
I was ready to leave a really great post on your blog about your book about Spence and Sadie, but it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Well since it got lost, I'll just tell you that your readers will buy your book, reguardless of what the cover looks like.

Harlequin does this quite a bit, with the covers and, us readers buy our favorite authors books anyway. I have two reasons for buying this book. First, I can't wait to read Spences story and, second, my cat is named after your heroine. Thank you, and, by the way, she loves her name.

Don't worry so much about the cover. At least they didn't give your hero a totally different color of hair.

Have a good day. Mads :)

19 July, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thank you, Michelle and Mads!

You make me feel better. It's dismaying, though, to see a cover that speaks so little to the book. I wish your Sadie had been on the cover, Mads! She'd do better than the one who is there!

I hope you're right. He'll have to come and blog again to stir up some interest!


19 July, 2007  
Blogger Christa said...

Covers are way down on the list of book buying reasons for me. Authors are the main reason(you have nothing to worry about there) character interest(again no worries) if it's related to another book(no grey hairs popping out with this one) plot(don't worry, be happy). I better get to reading The Santorini Bride before September.

19 July, 2007  

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