Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flynn's Getting a Big Head

Flynn was prowling around the office the other day wondering why no one was reviewing his book. (That's the trouble with heroes -- once they get to their happy ending, they are at a loose end, and they want to blog and cut down trees and save the world).

So he was thrilled when I showed him this review by the extremely insightful, very smart, absolutely brilliant Julie Bonello on the Cata-Romance site:

"If Susan Elizabeth Phillips ever decided to write for Harlequin Presents, then One-Night Love Child would be the sort of book she would write!

"Fast-paced, hilarious, poignant and wonderfully intense, One-Night Love Child is another keeper by the always outstanding Anne McAllister!

"Flynn Murray has got enough to worry about! As the new Earl of Dunmorey, Flynn has inherited Dunmorey Castle and has to find enough money in order to keep the Castle in the family. He certainly does not want or need any more complications, but when a letter arrives out of the blue telling him that he’s got a son, Flynn realizes that his life is about to get even more complicated!

"Sara McMaster had fallen for the Irish charmer from the very first moment she clapped eyes on him! Funny, charismatic and absolutely gorgeous, Flynn had been Sara's dream man, and she had enjoyed spending a torrid night of passion in his bed! However, when Flynn walked out of her life, Sara found out that he had made her pregnant with his love-child! But when he had failed to reply to her letter, Sara decided to try her best to forget about Flynn and to raise her beautiful baby boy, Liam, as best she could.

"What Sara doesn't know is that Flynn never even got the letter she sent – until now! Flynn is determined to get to know his son and to be a good father to little Liam – even if it means incurring the wrath of Sara, who has never forgotten his cruel treatment of her.

"Flynn had no intention of picking up where he had left off with Sara, however, under the beautiful Montana sky, the Irish aristocrat soon realizes that he is madly in love with the independent Sara.

"But has Flynn lost his chance with her? Or will he be able to convince her that he’s the only man for her?

"Anne McAllister is absolutely brilliant! She imbues her page-turning novels for Harlequin Presents with plenty of warmth, wit and charm and takes her readers on an emotive rollercoaster journey where she sweeps her readers off their feet with her brand of intense passion, dramatic emotional landscapes and moving romance!"

Romance does not get any better than this! Sexy, funny, dramatic and unputdownable One- Night Love Child is Anne McAllister at her glorious best!"

Gracious, Julie, I don't think I've ever been compared with Susan Elizabeth (even unfavorably), so I'm floating on air. Flynn says, well, of course, the hero had a lot to do with it. And I'm sure he's right, but even so . . . thank you so much for your kind amazing words. I'm delighted that you loved One-Night Love Child.

Julie also reviewed it on the Pink Heart Society blog which you can read there if you click on the link and scroll down a bit.

Flynn has been jumping back between the two, admiring himself in reviews. I'd like to, but beyond thoroughly enjoying them and being very grateful to Julie, I'm stuck in the middle of Seb right now (who has a big enough head as it is) and he's finally out of bed and standing on his own two feet. Now he just needs to DO SOMETHING!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne I just wanted to let you know that I absolutley loved One Night Love Child. Your writing just flows so smoothly and is very easy to read.I mean that as a compliment. With some authors I find myself having to re read sentences which brings me out of the story.

I'm still trying to get my hands on one of your Pelican Cay books. Not sure of the title off hand but it's the one where he fishes the h out of the water. Will the series be re released as a set do you know?

Thanks again for a great read.


17 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Chris,
The book you want is In McGillivray's Bed. I seriously doubt that they'll be releasing it as a series (I think sales sucked). But feel free to suggest it to them! All they can say is 'no.'

I'm glad you enjoyed One-Night Love Child. I was so happy to go back to those people and write about them again. It was like going home, in a way.

Thanks for taking the time to come here and leave a message!

17 March, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will suggest it! I'm going to try Amazon now for that book. Thanks for letting me know the title.

I'm on a hunt for your back titles. I only started reading Presents about four years back so I've a lot of catching up to do.


17 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Chris, with mine you will find Presents and Desires and Americans and Special Editions, as well as some novellas and a single title. There is even a Harlequin Romance, Dare to trust, way back when. Thanks for keeping an eye out for them.


17 March, 2008  
Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne,
I wrote a review on my facebook book profile, and I'll be doing one on my Amazon account soon. I don't know how much reviews from readers count but, I feel the need to tell as many people as possible, how good your book was.

That was one great review that you posted here. I'm so glad that someone realizes how good Flynn and Saras story was. As for me, I couldn't put it down. I lost some sleep that night. I finished it from cover to cover. My thanks to you again, for writing such a wonderful story.


18 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Mads,
Thank you so much. I think reviews do a lot -- especially those on book sites like amazon, so thanks especially for that. I know I read the reviews of books before I make a purchase, and if someone takes the time to write one, it always impresses me.

I don't get to my Facebook account as often as I ought to. It's a matter of writing books or playing on the internet. And while the playing is often more fun, Seb and Co pay the bills. Plus, I do like hanging out with him. He's definitely got an edge to him!

Thanks for loving Flynn and Sara!


18 March, 2008  

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