Friday, March 07, 2008

Out on a Limb

No, not me.

Not this time, at least.

Out on a Limb is the title of British author Lynne Barrett-Lee's recent book which I just had the pleasure of staying up far too late in the night reading for the last few nights. I was wishing away my days so I could get back to her book, eager to get back to her world.

And now -- sigh -- I'm finished. And I might just go back and read it again. If you aren't familiar with Lynne Barrett-Lee -- and you like books with a sharp, funny voice and a wry, weary yet still hopeful air -- you might want to take a look at Out on a Limb.

Abbie, physiotherapist single mum of two sons, has just changed jobs to one presumably less stressful in an effort to make her life a bit less stressful (stop running into the married chap she's trying to avoid having figured out that the affair is exactly that and never going to be anything else) and give herself a bit of a 'gap year' while her oldest son Sebastian (no relation to my hero, Sebastian) is off wandering around the continent with his mates.

Good idea. But, like most of us, Abbie discovers that life has a way of complicating her plans.

Her mother, who suddenly becomes a major factor, makes mine look restful by comparision. Her concerns and worries about her sons are ones I remember all too well.

And the TV weatherman who happens to be her mother's dead fourth husband's estranged son, well, let's just say, he makes her life even more interesting.

Can you see why I wanted the day to pass so I could get back to the entertaining shambles that was Abbie's life?

It made me laugh, it made me ache with wry recognition of maternal foibles and daughterly misery.

It was a treat. I'm so glad I read it. I'm so sorry it's over.

I hope Lynne Barrett-Lee writes faster. I loved her earlier Virtual Strangers and Julia Gets a Life. I love her voice. I'm looking forward to more.

Thanks, Lynne.

Now it's back to my own Sebastian who is looking for the right way in to his current predicament.



Blogger Lynne Barrett-Lee said...

How lovely to read your comments, Anne - wonderful, wonderful. Thank you so much.

Hope you enjoy my other titles as much ( for the full range, if you've not already visited). Oh, and I'm writing as fast as I can!

Will leap off and go get one of yours now....

Warmest wishes,


10 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

How lovely to see you here, Lynne!

I meant every word. Out on a Limb was a great fun (and wonderfully insightful) read.

I have just come back from poking round your website and have discovered Daisy Jordan! Who knew? Now I will track her down as well.

10 March, 2008  
Blogger Lynne Barrett-Lee said...

If you enjoyed OOAL I'm sure you'll enjoy Daisy, Anne - same style entirely - just bonkers publishers....

Best, Lynne x

11 March, 2008  
Blogger Lynne Barrett-Lee said...

If you enjoyed OOAL I'm sure you'll enjoy Daisy, Anne. Same style - just bonkers publishers...

Best, Lynne

11 March, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Lynne. I'll pick up a copy!

11 March, 2008  

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