Monday, April 28, 2008

Not quite Missing-in-Action

He's here!

Chapter Eight has put in appearance and I know why he was gone. He's The Love Scene. And of course he was a little embarrassed to be doing his thing in public, as it were.

So he very circumspectly waiting until I, too, discovered what was going to happen in Chapter Eight -- and then he deigned to show up.

Today we've been finishing up Chapter Eight and both the frog and Seb and Neely are pleased. Little do they know that Chapter Nine will send everything sliding right downhill again. As it does, of course, when the Black Moment arrives.

Chapter Nine, eager to be of help, turned up early to prove to me that all was not well that seemed well (provided S&N actually got that far). And justified, he's now gone out to lunch while Eight and I get things sorted and polished up. Ten, of course, is rubbing his flippers together and saying, "All's well that end's well," and other such platitudes.

Except I'm inclined to agree. Not only that, but it looks like they'll be packing their bags and heading off to Richmond right on time. Bless their amphibious little hearts.

I'm packing my bags, too. Though I must say that I was a bit annoyed today when the airline sent me an email telling me that if I wanted to take a second bag it was going to cost me $25 extra dollars.

What's up with that? First they take away food. And now they charge us more for luggage? Not that I was planning on taking two bags anyway -- I'm only going for four days -- but it's the principle of the thing.

These are the same people who, when we were coming home from our son's wedding, couldn't see fit to send a second crew to our departure airport when they knew the first crew who'd arrived the night before were required to have eight hours off before they could fly again and that all of us would miss our connections.

Remind me again why I'm flying with them? Oh, yeah. Cheap airfares. Well, not so cheap apparently.

Or maybe I'm just testy because of my almost but not quite finished book which is in the throes of The Love Scene (and while Chapter Eight did his bit by showing up, now I have to do my bit and write the blinkin' thing). Ah, but there is the granddaughter at the end of it.

Definitely at that point all will be well.

# # # #

If you haven't already been to The Pink Heart blog for Temptation Tuesday, stop by. I'm blogging there (it's already up because it's Tuesday in half the world already). Post a comment (you guys know how to do that). Win a copy of Spence and Sadie's book.

Or just say hi and tell me where you'd go to "get away from it all."

You all know where I'm going!

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Blogger lidia said...

Anne, Air travel can be quite challenging. Hope you have a good time!

I can't wait to read Seb's story. All of the tidbits that you keep on feeding us is making me impatient.

28 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Lidia. I'm fully expecting to have a great time once I get there. It's the 'getting' that is always challenging.

It always seems ages from when I am talking about a book like Seb's to when it is actually out. I mean, Flynn's book just came out and I was talking about it last winter (2007).

Before Seb's book comes out there will be PJ's to discuss. I'm very fond of him because he stepped into the breach when Seb and my former editor had issues last year. Now I think we are all on the same page. I certainly hope so -- though no doubt this editor will have revisions for Seb, too.

28 April, 2008  
Blogger Margaret McDonagh said...

Fab news that things have all worked out in the end and MIA # 8 has done his thing. From the grin he doesn't look that embarrassed to me!!!! I hope they are soon winging their way to Richmond and you are winging your way to a lovely break.

As for the airline, take frog 8 with you - that will give them something to think about!

Mags xx

29 April, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Good idea, Mags. I'll tuck Frog #8 into my carryon!

29 April, 2008  

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