Monday, September 01, 2008


There are exactly 15 minutes left of September 1st where I live.

So I'm not late. Really, I'm not.

Slow, maybe, but not late, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Pink Heart Society blog and, of course, Kate Walker's and my very own Hugh-in-a-towel.

Because Hugh is the 'mascot' or inspiration of whatever you'd like for Pink Heart heroes -- and certainly plenty of mine -- every year we celebrate Hugh Jackman Day at the Pink Heart and on our own blogs today (or what's left of it).

So celebrate with me. And get ready to go see Hugh in Australia when it comes out in November.

Drop by the Pink Heart and check out the comments for other blogs celebrating Hugh's day.

Tell me who would be your inspiration for a hero and you might win a copy of In McGillivray's Bed -- which purely coincidentally has a hero named Hugh.

Who needs a towel?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yummo! LOVE Hugh. He's so hot, and so nice too. I call him His Hughness! Monique

01 September, 2008  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

I think *I* need a towel after that.
Ihave a copy of the DVD of Deception lined up as my reward to myself when I finish this damn dreadline - which could be about the time you visit. Want top share? And Sid can sit on your knee

Monique - His Hughness is right! ;o)


02 September, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

His Hughness, indeed! You're absolutely right, Monique.

And Kate, yes, please for a night of "Deception." Haven't heard the movie is that great, but it's Hugh, so who cares? And Sid on my knee? Oh, yeah.


02 September, 2008  
Blogger Eva S said...

Hi Anne,
thanks in advance for the book, I'm looking forward to reading it! What great pictures, he really is something!! Although I do like Richard Armitage too....

02 September, 2008  

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