Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Birthday Mom -- and Boys!

This is birthday week at our house.

My mom celebrated her 90th on Tuesday -- but wouldn't let me take my camera to her party. So I can't show you the event here. She said, enough! And she meant it. So here's one from when she wasn't 90.

There are other birthdays, too.

My favorite son-in-law's birthday is today. And he's camera-phobic, too. So I can't show you him celebrating, either. He's also my only son-in-law, which he continually reminds me. But that doesn't make him any less a favorite. Once he saved my daughter's life. How can I not love the man?

And then there are the twins.

Cooper and Carson are five today. They have a camera at their house, but I'm not there. I just talked to them on the phone and their mom says go ahead and put up summer pics -- they haven't changed all that much.

Well, no.

I can't tell them apart half the time now and I couldn't tell them apart half the time then. But I love them dearly even when I don't know which one I'm talking to.

They looked a lot different five years ago. They weren't supposed to arrive in October. They weren't due until two days after Christmas. We had a rough few weeks.

But as you can see, they've turned out fine. The wonders of modern medicine have done a great job. They are hale and hearty and make life interesting.

Happy birthday, boys! Love you!

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Blogger Lacey Devlin said...

The boys obviously knew what a great month October is (I'm bias). Are you allowed to ban cameras from birthdays? I missed that memo and no one listens when I ban them from mine I need to take lessons from your mum!

22 October, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...


Obviously a LOT of people in our family are aware of what a great month this is for birthdays.

You will have to work on your assertiveness regarding camera use during birthday celebrations. But I really think that sort of thing kicks in when you're maybe 85 or so, which means you will have to wait a while.

Happy birthday whenever it is/was this month!


22 October, 2009  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

No - no - the twins can NOT be five! It's impossible. After all, you and I have barely aged a year at most since they were born.

But oh dear those photos do seem to indicate that they did indeed grow just a bit. It's wonderful to see them looking so well and happy after the rather rocky start. Happy Birthday Sumo boys.

And happy birthday S-I-L. Iknow I already wished Mom a happy 90th - but it's worth saying again

I think Lacey shares her birthday with someone rather special in a towel - which means she was claiming him as her birthday present! Hmm - in that case I really don't think she needs lessons in assertiveness

23 October, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Kate, yes, I fear they are five -- and quite articulate for five. Busy telling me all about their schoolday yesterday. Longest conversations I've had with them as generally when we're all together they talk to each other. Obviously talking to them on the phone is a good idea. Should have thought of it before!

Lacey and Hugh-in-a-towel share their birthday? Perhaps she is HIS birthday present instead of the other way round. I feel sure Lacey wouldn't mind!

23 October, 2009  

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