Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alabama Bound

I've had my dose of men in shorts for the day, and trust that my editor will be in good spirits on Monday morning because Becks did well in the English side's win over Paraguay. I actually preferred the Trinidad & Tobago-Sweden match myself. More enthusiasm all around.

It was one of those soccer matches where you can leave saying T&T won 0-0 and Sweden lost 0-0, and you could certainly see it on the faces of the team members and the fans. In my extended family we have a brother-in-law of one of my first cousins who is from Trinidad, so there was, of course, no doubt whose side we were on. Though down the road, depending on who they are playing, I may well be cheering for Sweden.

But who could not cheer for Shaka Hislop, who almost singlehandedly saved the day for T&T over and over and over.

I am all packed and ready to go. Spence and Sadie have promised to behave themselves. And they are going to spend the evening with me, anyway, working because we will have nothing else to do in the airport hotel tonight. So we should be well into chapter three before I take off, which is not where I would like to be ideally, but it's at least realistic. Getting to the end of chapter three may be a stretch by the time I come home. We'll see.


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