Sunday, February 04, 2007

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I'm still in the middle of my box. And I have made the unhappy discovery that the roofers who tore off the three old roofs (rooves?) a few years back never covered anything before they did it. So all the dirt from the roof cascaded into the boxes below. The have a lot to answer for. It's a long slow process because I'm vacuuming the pages of the books I'm keeping. Grrrr.

But in the midst of it all, I had a lovely email today from the cata-romance reviewer Julie Bonello who has just posted a review of The Santorini Bride that will make Theo very very happy indeed. I know it made me happy!

First, she gave it 4 1/2 stars. Then she said it was "sensuous." (For Theo's benefit I did a word search for "sweet" and the word didn't even appear on the page. He'll be over the moon!)

Anyway, this is what Julie wrote:

Teaser In her latest Harlequin Presents title, The Santorini Bride, Anne McAllister takes her readers to the exotic sunshine of Greece and the icy coldness of Montana in a wonderful romantic novel that is absolutely impossible to put down!


Finding her boyfriend in the shower with another woman is not the sort of homecoming artist Martha Antonides envisaged! Hurt, betrayed and humiliated, she packs her bags and empties her savings account and flies off to Greek isle of Santorini to her parent’s holiday house for some peace and quiet. She’s looking forward to spending some time by herself where nobody can reach her so the last thing she’s expecting is to find a stranger living in her house!

Finding out that her feckless father lost the house during a golf game was a huge shock for Martha, but so is finding out that she’s attracted to the man – and it looks like she’s not the only one for Theo Savas is dubbed the world’s sexiest sailor!

Theo has only fallen in love once and after that disastrous episode, he has vowed to never give his heart to another woman ever again. But there is something about Martha which he just cannot resist and when they agree to spend one night together, little do they know that their whole lives are about to be changed forever…

The Santorini Bride is a captivating romance which has got keeper stamped all over it! Readers will fall in love with Anne McAllister’s exquisitely drawn characters, Martha and Theo. Martha is a fantastic heroine who is fiery, feisty, stubborn but absolutely wonderful while Theo is charming, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous!

You can never go wrong with an Anne McAllister novel! Smart, sassy, dramatic, passionate and absolutely hilarious, her novels take you through the entire gamut of emotions and The Santorini Bride is the latest in a long line of spellbinding stories by this well-loved storyteller.

Reviewer Julie Bonello

If you want to check out the cata-romance site (a wonderful website devoted to category romance that if you should check out regularly for reviews, interviews and general all-around good information on the books), click on the link. It will take you to Julie's review of Theo and Martha's book. But from there you can hop all over the site.

I'm preparing my first posting for the Q&A on "Building Fictional Worlds" that I'll be doing on the eharlequin site beginning on Monday. I actually think, with luck, I might post if before I go to bed tonight. Then I can see if anyone turns up in the morning. After all, it's already Monday in Australia and New Zealand and India, among other places. In less than an hour it will be in UK. If I wait until it's my Monday it will be almost over everywhere else in the world!

Please join me. I can use all the questions you can manage to pose!


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