Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Blogday!

It's the year anniversary of this blog. I can't believe it's been a year.

Basically what that means is that at this time last year I had just finished Theo and Martha and had sent them off to my editor. And now they're out and about leading their own lives, going on a honeymoon, having a kid. Wow.

A lot has happened this year. I've had comments and correspondence from people in far-flung corners of the earth. I met a real Theo Savas. I've had comments from a rodeo supply guy about bull-riding school. I've had correspondence from CJ at ClustrMaps and Roberto at Neoworx. Just the other day I sent a query to a company about their software after reading about it on a blog. The next morning I had an email from the software's developer. I'm smiling.

This year on our first blogday I'm off to the airport to go to Dublin. We weren't supposed to leave until tomorrow, but I think we're going today because there seems to be a momentary lull in the snow fall. It's supposed to pick up again in a few hours and continue into tomorrow. So today looks like the better bet. I hope.

Domenico has announced his winner in the Grooms' Contest -- she is Mona Hassan of Egypt. Congratulations, Mona. I have your books packed and will be sending them off this afternoon as I leave town. I hope you enjoy them. Max must be having too good a time on his honeymoon to bother to announce his winner on Liz's blog. But she told me he'd sent her an email, so her winner will be getting books as well. But the announcement will have to come from Liz or Max on her blog.

I will hope to get a chance to post sometime while I'm gone. Maybe internet cafes will abound in Dublin, Galway and points south. We shall see. I'm not taking the computer, only my DANA, which is great for notetaking and doesn't cause near the hassle getting through airports. It doesn't "boot up" either -- it just turns on and off. So I'll be taking lots of notes, but it isn't configured to go online, so I'll have to be at a computer for that.

When I get back I want to write a "thank you" post to the two people who got me into writing romance in the first place. One is a childhood friend. The other is the Harlequin author whose book became my first "keeper."

In the meantime, check back and see if I've found an internet cafe. Read lots of books. Track down Theo and Martha (aka The Santorini Bride) and put them at eye level! Ditto Domenico and Alice. Buy a copy of Max and Louise -- they are now on the bookshelves as well. I saw them last night.

See you soon!


Blogger christa said...

Happy Blogbay wishing many more years in blogland.

Big round of applause for Mona Hassan.

Have a great time in Ireland. Hope you get lots of ideas regading the castle.

12 February, 2007  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Happy Blogday!

Be safe!

Congrats Mona!

And thanks Anne, Kate, Liz, Max, Dom, and Theo!

12 February, 2007  
Blogger anne frasier said...

have a wonderful time!!

12 February, 2007  
Blogger Mona said...

Thank you so much Anne, Liz and Kate. entering the contest was so much fun. Can't wait to read the books. have a great time in Ireland. Thanks all.

13 February, 2007  

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