Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Go Away, Theo

I don't believe it!

He's on his honeymoon, for goodness's sake! And he's dropping in here to check on things.

Theo, I never knew you were such a control freak.

Go enjoy your wife. Your time to have her all to yourself is growing short. There's a baby on the way, don't forget. In the not too distant future as a matter of fact. So you better make the most of this.

And I do not have it in for George.

I told you that before. I like George. And if I have never exactly considered him 'hero material', perhaps I just haven't spent enough time with him. Or perhaps George hasn't quite managed to get himself shaped up enough to make the grade as a hero yet.

Lots don't, you know. They need to get a little 'seasoned' in someone else's book first.

You did. Remember when you were prowling around Tallie and Elias's book, grumpy and snarling and out of sorts. Not very heroic, were you?

But when it was time for your book, you did a great job. You showed up, did what you were supposed to do -- even if Martha didn't always approve, and behaved with all the honor and heroism that I would expect of a McAllister hero. And in the end you proved something not only to Martha, but to yourself.

I'm proud of you.

But now, dear Theo, you have to go away. Go on. Shoo. Sail off into the sunset. Enjoy your life as a happily married man. With a dog. And a son. You deserve it.

And I deserve to get on with my work. Trust me. I won't fret about 'fourth walls' and 'diegesis.' They are terms -- not objects of concern. Unless I get it wrong. And if I do, I'll have to fix it. And believe me, you won't be the one to suffer.

That will be me. And Flynn. And Sara.

They are ready to step in and do their part now. Both of them have beeb 'seasoned' too. They've grown and changed a lot, and they've been waiting for this day for six years.

Well, Sara has. And now that it's here, she's got cold feet.

But Flynn is quite ready to warm them. And while he hasn't exactly given it any thought over the past six years -- except occasionally -- now that he has, he's got plans. Lots of them. Most of which he's making up as we go along. Very like Flynn, I'm discovering.

I'm discovering a lot about him these days. Every one is a revelation. And I'm going to spend a while more with him and Sara now. And you, Theo, are decidedly de trop.

One last plug for your contest -- the Grooms' Contest -- which ends on February 10th. Anyone who is interested in having three chances to win books from me, Kate Walker and Liz Fielding has from now until Feb 10th to enter. There are nine questions to answer. Give it a shot. The questions are here. And the answers are on our blogs or websites (but try the blogs first).

I know that Theo and Max and Domenico will be pleased to see your entries. So will Liz and Kate and I. You can send one apiece to each of us. Three chances to win. Great books.

A BIGGER prize, as Theo would tell you.


Blogger Jopee said...

Hi Anne. I've been meaning to write for ages now and say I'm looking forward to reading Flynn and Sara's story. I wanted to reread the Cowboy Auction and wanted to pull my hair when I realized that its in one of the boxes in the garage! We're in the process of selling up and as part of decluttering the house, I had to put my keepers in boxes and had them hauled to a very full garage :( Might be quicker to check if the library has it.

08 February, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Jopee. I hope you find The Great Montana Cowboy Auction either in a box or at the library. But if you want to wait and read it just before Flynn and Sara, you still have about a year to keep looking!

Thanks for making it a "keeper!"

08 February, 2007  

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