Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I'm trying to get all the various stuff I need in chapter eight (which is my chapter eight duck currently wallowing all over the place) into neat, sharp order with all the high points hit and all the tension maintained.

This is one wobbly duck. There's so much of it. It's not overweight really. It's just gangly. It straggles. It wanders.

It needs to be succinct. Punchy. A very fit duck. I wonder if I could get it to do calisthenics. I have spent the day chasing it around the office trying to catch it and streamline it. I have to get Sara up to speed on the castle and Flynn's life while still keeping the rest of the relationship tension going.

So far I have had a bit of luck. Not enough.

I think I need Theo to come and blog again because I'm not doing a good job at blogging while I am trying to straighten out this particular duck.

O'Mally showed up today, though. He did his part. And now he's gone off to the stables with Liam and Dev. If it stops raining maybe they'll go fishing.

Finally Flynn and Sara are alone. At least we've got some tension now. But I'm afraid he's going to give her a house tour when he'd rather be doing something else.

I think I'll leave them alone and go to bed.

Maybe by morning they'll have told me how to fix things up.


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