Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Guys in Towels . . . or traffic spikes

In a fit of something mid-May I signed the blog up for Google analytics. That means I can look at my blog traffic from about a hundred different angles and learn at least five times that many things.

I have been looking over my various angles in the last few days -- when I've permitted my nose to leave the grindstone for a few minutes -- trying to learn something about who you all are -- statistically speaking.

What I have learned is that most of you speak English, however since May 14th there have sightings of eight other languages (how do they know this?) coming onto my blog. Most people read the daily entry and then wander off again. A few people prowl around. Lots of people who "searched" searched for Jess Harper (no fools they!).

Mostly I learned, though, that traffic spikes whenever Hugh appears in his towel.

It's quite astonishing really.

How do you know when Hugh is going to appear? Or do a few of you find out and then tell all your friends?

Because last month I posted Hugh in his towel when I was trying to come up with another hero -- and goodness, what a spike in traffic there was that day! Who knew?

So what is it that you like?

Hugh? The towel? Hugh in the towel? Would other guys in towels work as well?

I notice from the comments that Christa wants Theo and George in towels. Theo and Martha and I are discussing this. George is still in the lab and hasn't been heard from.

But in the meantime, I did a little research (not much because I've still got to finish the damn revisions). You see how hard I work for "content" on my blog? I accumulated, in the process, a few pix of guys in towels. Not many. Not enough time. But someone had to do it. I sort of thought of it as the romance writer's version of comparison shopping.

So, here they are. Enjoy.

And, of course, the one you've been waiting for . . .


Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

LOL, Anne. Any excuse for Hugh-in-a-towel *g*

07 June, 2007  
Blogger Madeline said...

I think the baby comes in a close second. Cute picture but, not Hugh. LOL. Mads:)
Told you I'd be visiting. Now you'll never get rid of me. Have a great weekend.

08 June, 2007  

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