Friday, May 25, 2007

The Empty Box . . . In search of a hero

Back when I was reading Twyla Tharp's book The Creative Habit, I mentioned her saying that before you could work outside the box, you had to have a box.

And that seemed, literally, like a very good idea. She gathers stuff in a box for each project that she undertakes. I've never been quite that organized. But somehow having a "heap" doesn't sound quite so good.

This time, with Flynn and Sara, I had a collage. That was helpful. And I actually managed to use quite a lot of the collage material as I was writing. But there is stuff there I never used. It is still staring reproachfully at me as I write this. I think I'm going to have to take it down. But maybe not until I get my revisions back from the ed. I might need it for focus.

In the meantime, though, while I'm filling boxes with books and papers to get them out of my office (oh, the poor attic) I think I am also going to get a new box -- an empty box.

And that's going to be my new book box.

I have no idea what I should put in it right now. I've got a few stray characters wandering around.

There are three Savas brothers left:

George, the physicist who had bolted himself in his lab and is not acting very heroic at the moment;

Demetrios, the next of Theo's brothers -- an action adventure hero on screen. Who knows what he is off-screen. He was supposed to be one of Sara's friends. But inasmuch as she ended up in Elmer rather than New York, that didn't happen. Demetrios is a distinct possibility -- because he could stop being an actor and do something interesting (though heaven knows what);

And Yiannis, the forest ranger. Somehow I don't see myself getting a forest ranger past my editor -- not as a Presents hero, anyway.

There's Peter Antonides, Elias's brother -- ex-beach bum and mechanical engineer turned inventor, turned CEO (now that Elias has gone boat building). He's got an edge to him that I might find interesting. He's certainly off-beat. I might be able to talk my editor into him.

And there's Lukas Antonides, Martha's twin. He might be a little young yet. And I haven't seen him since he went walkabout down under. A missing hero is not quite what I need.

And, of course, there's Flynn's brother Dev. Of course you haven't met him yet. But I have, and he has distinct possibilities.

And then, I have to find a heroine worth her salt to deal with him.

Right now I have one piece of inspiration in my box. And I'm definitely going to enjoy thinking about him for a while.

Got any other suggestions?


Blogger Liz Fielding said...

I think a picture of HJ wearing nothing but a towel is all the inspiration I'd need, Anne :)

25 May, 2007  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

Peter or Demetrios - or Dev all sound as if they 'have legs' but will those legs run towards or away from their HEA??

Meanwhile - any excuse for Hugh in a Towel is a good one ;-)

26 May, 2007  
Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Any excuse for Hugh in a towel... Are you and Kate Walker going to do a blog duel by pictures??? :o)

26 May, 2007  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

PS Perhaps you could work from the other way round and find a hero for Ms Abigail? Maybe this could be the time for that new hero named Eamon ?? ;-) (I can hear our own Abby's screams from here)

26 May, 2007  
Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Great minds think alike - I just saw the screen come up and thought eeek, please don't say I typed t'other Kate's name instead of mine, just because I was talking about her... and then I realised I'm just having a blonde moment. Or six. :oD

26 May, 2007  
Anonymous Margaret McDonagh said...

Thanks for Hugh, cheered my morning.

I like the sound of all your potential heroes but have to say the park ranger would be my favourite so you'll have to tell your ed not to be so daft!

Also, I cannot wait for Abigail to meet her match and have her ordered world turned on end by the right man! But I'm definitely with Abby on ditching the name Eamon!


26 May, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Oh, heavens, yes! I forgot about Eamon. How could I have forgotten Eamon? (No, Abby and Mags, I'm not going to give him up just for you! Maybe I could have two women named Abigail and Margaret fight over him?

But I don't know anything about him. I'll have to work on that.

Mags, you talk to my editor if you think the forest ranger is a possibility.

And yes, Liz, Hugh-in-a-towel is quite inspiration enough for the moment at least. But I wish he'd brought a story with him.

26 May, 2007  

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