Friday, May 18, 2007

The Eighth Duck

I'm happy to report that the eighth duck has been corralled or penned or whatever it is one does with ducks -- and with only nine and ten to sort out, I might actually get this book out of here by Monday. Here's hoping.

As soon as it's gone, I'm going to post the cover for The Boss's Wife for a Week -- Spence and Sadie's cover.

It seems like years -- literally -- since I wrote that book. When the hardbacks arrived last week, I looked at them as if someone else had written them.

And after I read through them, I wasn't sure someone else hadn't. I think it's because, in my head I still think of the story as being the first way I wrote it -- the way my editor couldn't deal with. So this version, while okay as far as it goes, is not the version I'd originally come up with. So it feels a little odd. In fact, I was a lot happier with it, after re-reading it, than I thought I would be.

A little distance, a little perspective -- a lot of moving on -- makes a big difference.

Speaking of which, I have the oddest feeling that Abigail -- you remember her? The beautiful blonde? -- may end up on the cutting room floor.

We'll see.

Frankly there is a lot that's going to end up on the cutting room floor as I already have 49,000 plus words -- and two chapters I haven't even counted yet!


Blogger Michelle Styles said...

Well here's hoping that numbers nine and ten can be safely locked away in their duck house soon and do not decide to be Late Night Party Ducks.

Currently several of my real ducks have decided to be just that -- Late Night Party ducks and are refusing to go away. So we play round and round the duck house...

19 May, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Michelle
I hope they don't turn out to be Late Night Party Ducks, too! I'm horrified at the thought. I want them to be nice, well-behaved ducks who do what they're told and sort themselves out and send themselves off to Richmond -- pronto!

Good luck with your real ones!

19 May, 2007  

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