Wednesday, May 23, 2007

R&R and the TBR

Okay, the book is now someone else's problem, at least momentarily. And I have a life again -- at least momentarily.

So . . . besides doing what I told Christa I was going to do this weekend (it involved "deep dusting" and probably some "deep vacuuming" and a whole lot of "deep filing" as well as deep-sixing a lot of notes and assorted piles of junk that have accumulated in my office) . . . I'm going to read.

Give me suggestions! It isn't that I don't already have a TBR (to-be-read) pile. It's that I would really like to hear what you are reading and if you like it and if I should read it, too. I single-bloggedly sold at least half a dozen copies of Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit when I was nattering on about it here.

I'd like to think I might have convinced a few people that Liz Fielding's The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella was worth a read. And Loretta Chase's Not Quite A Lady.

So here's your chance . . . convince me. Tell me some good books you've read recently -- or last year or when you were a kid. Whenever. If they're memorable, I'll probably want to read them.

You don't have to talk me into it very much. Just an author and a title will do. I'm a sucker for good books. And now -- for a week or so at least -- I fully intend to READ.

I had to drive out of town today and I was gone most of the day. When I got where I was going I had an hour before I needed to be where I needed to be. Naturally I took along a book. So I began reading about Loretta Chase's mad earl in her novella in Three Weddings and a Kiss.
I thought I'd read most everything she'd written -- but I'd missed this. I'm just getting going in it, but I'm enjoying it. It's intriguing. Definitely different.

I've also got a couple of local history texts, Pamela Brook's book on How to Research Your House (thanks, Pam!) and The Home-Based Bookstore by Steven Weber, because somehow I'm going to have to get rid of some of these books!

Yes, I know it's possibly counter-productive for an author who depends on royalties to stay alive to sell used books. But I would never have written a romance if I hadn't been exposed to them through used bookstores. And I wouldn't buy new many of the writers I do buy "new" without having read them first gently used. Used bookstores are a fact of life -- and are better, in my opinion, than having books shredded and used as mulch along the nation's highways.

Anyway, polemic aside, in between deep dusting and thinking of a new story (you can suggest there, too, if you want), I'd like some great reads. Suggestions, please!!

Theo says, don't forget his contest! Check my website homepage for details.


Blogger Kate Walker said...

Well, I'm putting my contribution to your TBR pile in the mail today. I remember that you wanted to know how Vito's story (The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge) ended when you read part of it in proof copy here - and now I have a proper book version of it I'm mailing it to you as part of your popst-Flynn relaxation. Enjoy!

Oh and if you'd like to come a 'deep dust' my office too, Sid woudl make you very welcome - as would I


24 May, 2007  
Blogger Christa said...

I recently read The Arrangement by Suzanne Forster and it was fantastic. It had money, greed, sex, love, lust, murder, mystery, lies and secrets.

Today for me it was laundry day. I don't let it accumilate so I only had two loads and it's now done. Since I'm in an apartment I just had to go down to the laundry room a switch every 1/2 hour. Later I have a real exciting job. Testing pens to see which are working. Friends of mine are long distance truck drivers (They are in Indiana now). When they moved into an apartment in the same building they kept finding pens and throwing them into a basket. Now they have about 50 pens and no idea which work.

24 May, 2007  
Blogger Christa said...

finished checking pens. there were 83 test lines.

24 May, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thank you, Kate. I'll be looking forward to Vito's arrival. Yes, it has been a bit like waiting for the other shoe to drop! Much appreciated.

And thank you, Christa, for the Suzanne Forster suggestion. I'll have a look.

As for the pens, I hope they were paying you a lot. Except maybe you could multi-task and watch tv or something while you were drawing the lines! You couldn't read, though. That would be frustrating.

24 May, 2007  
Blogger Christa said...

I was testing them during commercials between my soap.
They usually don't pay my in money but have bought me stuff. Like the last biggest thing they bought me was a computer desk. I'll do little things for them like watch their dog while they are home and have errand to do (they have to try and fit everything in 48 hours), collect mail, check weather report for state they are in. Right now I keep having to check ebay because they bid on something and bidding ends in like 2 hours.

24 May, 2007  
Blogger Rachelle said...

I just finished Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts and I'd have to say, this is one of the best books I've ever read..

25 May, 2007  
Blogger Lee Morrison said...

Chiming in late...

Kiss Me While You Sleep by Linda Howard.

It not a new release, but if you haven't read it, IMHO, it's worth the effort to find it.

Also, They Dying Game, by Beverly Barton. Wow.

Enjoy your reading time!


25 May, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Christa, I hope you were successful with the ebay auction.

Rachelle, I've read Jewels of the Sun, too! And I enjoyed it a lot. I liked that whole series by Nora -- but then it was Ireland (and as I've just done my Irish book, I thoroughly enjoyed hers as well!)

Lee, thanks for the suggestions. I haven't read either of those. I'll check them out.

I need to go back and "deep dust" some more now.

25 May, 2007  

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