Thursday, August 30, 2007

Website Revamp

Back in January I talked about intending to update my website and revamp it to bring it more into line with what I'm doing now -- which you may have noticed is not cowboys.

So my webmistress and I began to talk. My notion of "tweaking" turned into her notion of "that's not what I call tweaking" and so we went back to the drawing board to come up with a new design. We are almost there.

I'm comforted somewhat by the thought that website changing can take even longer than writing a book. Who knew? And it's not all finished yet, but the basics are there and will be up on September 1st. The blog should be getting a "new look" then, too, if all goes well.

And, of course, Spence and Theo are in contest mode and have come up with a contest that Spence is quite pleased with. It's called "Romancing the Boss." (Can you see why Spence is pleased?) and I think it will be fun. Of course it's in honor of his book, The Boss's Wife For A Week. But it's also to celebrate the new look. (Don't tell him that!)

We're still working out prizes, but it should be worth entering. It will open on Sept 1 and end Sept 30. So drop by the website sometime in the month of September and enter.

Be patient for some of the content because it won't all be up right away. But if you don't see something and you think it needs to be there, drop me a not via the "contact Anne" link and I'll see what I can do.

Seb wants to know when he gets a contest. I told him he needs a book first, so he'd better get to work.


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