Friday, September 28, 2007

Male on Sunday?

Over at the Pink Heart blog, where I am a regular columnist, albeit a sporadic one due to the nature of scheduling, I was tapped to do a September 30th Male on Monday.

Now, Male on Monday slots are always hard to get as there are a lot of people who are very willing to do the research involved. (Are you surprised?)

But back in August, the scheduler, the wonderful Ally Blake, wrote me and asked if I would do my Hugh-in-a-towel retrospective mid-month and the "spare" Male on Monday for September 30th.

As I had a Male on Monday candidate up my sleeve anyway, I said, "Yes!"

So, I began my research, and I researched very hard indeed. I even watched a few movies which is, of course, very difficult (under deadline, I'm not kidding, it IS sometimes difficult to find the time). But I persevered because this Male on Monday is worth the effort.

Tonight, as I was finishing the piece, I thought, "Wait a minute. It's September 28th. It's Friday. That makes Saturday the 29th, which makes the 30th . . . Sunday."

So, I've written Ally with the dilemma as I see Nicola Marsh has a Male on Monday post ready to go, too.

It may turn out that we have a surfeit of Males on Monday at The Pink Heart (Can there really be a surfeit of Male on Monday caliber men?) Or it may be that we save my guy for some other time (he's not going to vanish, and he'll probably only get better with age).

We'll see. I'll probably put up some more men in suits on Sunday by way of compensation!

Or I could write chapter three. Someone is actually paying me to do that (provided I get it done).


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