Friday, July 17, 2009

Sol's Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Linda Henderson of Missouri who is the winner of Sol's Contest!

Micah and Mitch went to town gobbling treats today and picked Linda's name from among the entries. They were very grateful to everyone who entered -- as was Sol (or he would be if he understood these things. He's working on it. His other grandma assures me that he is getting smarter and more aware every day).

RWA is going on in Washington DC. Lots of partying and conferencing and whatnot going on.

Here we have finished sports camp and have a couple of winners here, as well.

Every year the kids get 'brands' on wooden paddles that symbolize the qualities they are striving for during the week.

This year grandson got LOVE and ENTHUSIASM, and granddaughter got ATTITUDE and DEDICATION. (Her mother says this means she's dedicated -- with Attitude).

I'm delighted for both of them. They worked really hard, had an 'awesome' time, and are both already figuring out what sports they want to major in next year. He's got lacrosse on his mind. I'm not sure what she's settled on yet.

He went home tonight. She's going home tomorrow. It's going to be very quiet here without them.

But I have plenty to do. I need to get Demetrios through his unexpected love scene -- and start packing. The dog sitters are coming . . . the dog sitters are coming . . .

Again, congratulations to Linda from Micah and Mitch and me -- and Sol.

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Blogger Lacey Devlin said...

Lol the dog sitters are coming! It almost sounds frightening :0 Congrats Linda! Good luck with the packing!

18 July, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

It is frightening, Lacey, if you consider the amount of housecleaning I need to do before they get here! And I have all these sheets to change and towels to wash from the sports camp week. Yikes.

I also meant to say thank you from me (not just M&M) to everyone who entered Sol's contest.

cheers from Anne who is off to do several loads of laundry!

18 July, 2009  

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