Monday, November 02, 2009

Hugh and Dan's WInner!

I didn't forget. It just took me a while to get Micah and Mitch's paws cleaned off enough to allow them into the living room where the names of the contestants and the treats were all set out so they could choose.

We spent a lot of the last week under water -- or so it seemed. And almost every day was a "96 dog foot day" -- one where I measure the day in terms of how many dog feet I wipe. It used to get to 96 a lot faster when we had four dogs. But these guys go out often enough that I had a lot of paw-wiping to do here, too.

All of which is prelude to saying that they have finally come in and made their choice -- and the winner of the Hugh and Dan contest is Jillian from Ohio!

Congratulations, Jillian!

And many many thanks to all the hard-working contestants who entered and who took the time to look up the answers to the questions. You are all wonderful. And I hope you all have Hugh's and Dan's birthdays on your calendars now, so that when I ask again next year (you don't think I will?) that you won't have to go looking for them.

Jillian's prize, including DVDs of Defiance and X-Men, as well as my new book One-Night Mistress...Convenient Wife, some other books and goodies, will be going out to her today. I hope you enjoy them, Jilian.

On the home front, besides mud, there's not much new. I do have the galleys back for Demetrios's book, which also now has a title. Did I tell you that? It's called The Virgin's Proposition. It actually has something to do with the book! Imagine that.

I don't know when it's coming out yet, but they seem to be moving it right along, so I hope it will turn up mid 2010 sometime.

George went back to the drawing board because he had far too much backstory in the first three chapters. So I'm pruning him and hoping that his book moves faster now.

Speaking of Georges, Liz Fielding has a terrific book out in November with a hero named George She sent it to me because she knew I was working on a George, too. It's supposed to be inspiration, but it's so wonderful, my George is despairing of ever living up to the name.

Her book is called Christmas Angel for the Billionaire and it's out in North America by itself as a Harlequin Romance, and in UK as part of a two-fer with Jessica Hart's Under the Boss's Mistletoe (another really lovely book).

Liz's George is a wonderful George (all Liz's heroes are wonderful) -- with a teenage daughter who is giving him fits and a father he's never been able to please.

I fell for her George the first time I saw him. I wanted to be Annie, her heroine. I loved the way Liz brought them together, loved the way Annie found herself (her real self, not her royal self) in George's family. And I loved the way Annie gave him the support he needed to make peace with the people he loved the most but couldn't seem to connect with.

As always, Liz did a terrific job with her people. I always like to spend time in Liz Fielding's world, and George's book was pure delight.

I'm looking forward to Her Desert Dream, the other half of the "trading places" duo where I get to find out what happened to Annie's look-alike Lydia who took her place and, from the look of things, may end up with a sheikh!

Watch out for Liz's book this month. And keep your eyes open for Lydia's book as well.

I loved the first. I can't wait for the second.

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Blogger Rachael Johns said...

Congrats Jillian - you lucky ducky!!!

02 November, 2009  
Blogger Lacey Devlin said...

96 paw wipes! I hope they appreciate you ;) Congrats Jillian!

03 November, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Rach, Good to see you. I like your new website look.

Actually, Lacey, they don't appreciate it at all. They couldn't care less if they track mud all over the house. But I care (to a degree at least) and so we have a doggy foot-bath and lots of old towels dedicated to their grooming needs.

Hopefully the back yard will dry out in the next few days and it will no longer be necessary.

03 November, 2009  
Blogger Anne Gracie said...

My copy of Liz Fielding's Christmas Angel for the Billionaire just arrived in the mailbox an hour ago. It's the "twofer" with Jessica Hart.
Can't wait to read it and compare Georges.

03 November, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

No, no, no, Anne! You can't compare Georges. There's no comparison! Hers is brilliant. Mine just got run over by a truck (and it shows!)

But enjoy her book and Jessica's. I'm not keen on two-fers because I usually don't like one of the books. But in this case, it's a winner all the way around. Enjoy!

03 November, 2009  

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