Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The reprints are coming! The reprints are coming!

Two of them, actually.

To start with, in January, the We Write Romance crew has worked with Harlequin to put together a "Harlequin Bloggers' Bundle." Apparently the first one they did was enormously successful, so they're back for another round with four different books, all Harlequin Presents -- and one of them is Lessons From a Latin Lover, the third of my McGillivrays of Pelican Cay books.

If you haven't read it, you can get a taste from the excerpt on my "books" link. The first two about the family on Pelican Cay were about brothers Lachlan and Hugh McGillivray. Lachlan was a former professional soccer goalkeeper turned hotel developer entrepreneur. Hugh ran the island air service.

Their kid sister, Molly was Hugh's mechanic.

Molly had never met an engine she couldn't handle. The same couldn't be said about her experience with men. She got along with them fine. She even had a fiance. But Carson couldn't seem to remember that they were engaged long enough to set a wedding date.

Molly was getting tired of waiting. So she decided to shake him up a bit. That was how she turned up on Joaquin Santiago's doorstep. Nothing like a suave, sexy, sophisticated man of the world to help a girl make her fiance sit up and remember he had one.

The trouble is that once Joaquin starts giving Molly lessons in seduction, she starts thinking a lot more about him than about Carson. And it turns out to be a bit more than Joaquin bargained for, too.

I had such fun writing Molly and Joaquin's story that I'm delighted to see it coming back at part of the Blogger Bundle. It's supposed to be available in early January. I'll give you more details when I know them.

The other three books are Kate Walker's The Twelve Month Mistress (also with a very different Joaquin for a hero), Margaret Mayo's Surrender to the Millionaire, and Michelle Reid's The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride. Sounds like plenty of sizzle and a real variety of authorial voices.

Here's what Heather at WeWriteRomance had to say about the four books:

"...we hope you'll sit back and enjoy the first book we chose to showcase from this line, Kate Walker's The Twelve-Month Mistress. Ms. Walker allows you a glimpse into the life of Spanish aristocrat, Joaquin, who has a stead-fast rule to only keep his mistresses for twelve months...but when an accident claims his memory, he forgets all about his latest mistress Cassie breaking up with him! Up next you'll find Margaret Mayo's Surrender to the Millionaire where a life changing decision could lead Kristie down the path to revealing a devestating truth to Radford, one that doesn't only affect their lives. To be followed by Anne McAllister's Lessons from a Latin Lover which allows us--and Molly McGillivray!--to learn the art of seduction from super-sexy Joaquin. And to round out our super Presents package is Michelle Reid's The Brazilian's Backmailed Bride that takes us through the art of seductive revenge...Anton only thinks he's got Cristina where he wants her: blackmailed and in bed!"

I hope you'll watch out for it.

Then coming in May 2010 there is a three-fer called The Greek Tycoons' Takeover that has one of my books along with books by Jane Porter and Chantelle Shaw. Just which of my Greeks is taking over something -- or more likely someone! -- I don't know. I'm curious. I don't know which of Jane's and Chantelle's books are in it, either. When I find out, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, if you find out before I do -- drop me a note and tell me!

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Blogger Rachael Johns said...

Ooh am soooooooooooo excited about the Bloggers Bundle!! I LOVED Hugh's story and can't wait to read Molly's :)

19 November, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Rach,
Glad you enjoyed Hugh's story, and I hope you enjoy Molly's. I am excited that it was chosen to be included in the Bloggers' Bundle.

Now that they are getting some of the older titles on ebooks, perhaps there will be a way for people who have missed someone's story to find it. I hope so.


19 November, 2009  

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