Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christo -- again

Hi, Sorry I've been neglecting my job taking care of Anne's blog. I thought she'd try to sneak back in here and write something because she's sort of a workaholic when it comes to writing. But apparently she meant what she said and I get the blog for the rest of February.

I don't know what Kal and Nikos are up to. I've been up to my ears working. I'm a lawyer in case no one told you. That's how I met Natalie, in fact. I was working for the firm where her father is a partner. She was a summer intern there after her first year of law

I noticed her -- who wouldn't? She's bright and funny and a hard-worker -- and beautiful, besides. But off limits. I don't get involved with co-workers.

I didn't get involved with Natalie. Not really.

There was one kiss. Yeah, I admit it.

But only because I was so damn happy when we won that case. It was just a spur of the moment thing. Didn't mean anything. She knew that. Or I thought she knew it.

But then one night I found her in my bed!

I can't tell you any more about it than that. Anne would kill me if I did. She'd say that you have to read the book to find out what happened then. Anne has a flair for the dramatic.

Nothing happened! Nothing!

Excuse me! Hi, Natalie here.

I was going to be quiet and just let Christo talk. But he's out of his mind if he thinks nothing happened!

Something certainly happened that summer. Something happened that night.
Not what I wanted to happen. It was the most mortifying night of my life.

I hated Christo Savas after that night! No one would blame me for hating him, either. That summer was the start of my whole life being turned upside down. Not all of it due to Christo, admittedly. But he was a big part of it.

He certainly taught me not to trust my instincts . . .

See? That's Natalie all over. She rushes in where sane people fear to tread. She gets a notion and she just runs with it. She doesn't trust me to tell the whole story.

I don't want him to tell the whole story! Anne already told it! He's just trying to make himself look kinder and more human at the start. He wasn't! Well, he was -- deep down -- but his humanity was so buttoned-down he didn't even know it was there.

I did so!

Did not!

Did so!

I love it. He never used to argue like this. He'd just close up and do whatever controlled dutiful responsible thing he thought needed to be done. I've humanized him!

Sheesh! I can see there's only one way to stop this. She'll shut up if I kiss her.

Wanna bet?

Yep. C'mere.

No! I -- well, just for a -- ahhhhhhh...

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Blogger Caroline Storer said...

Love this blog Anne - ehh I mean Christo and Natalie...Caroline x

24 February, 2010  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Caroline, I'm glad he finally got his act in gear and wrote something. I handed it to him practically on Valentine's Day and he's been faffing around ever since. It's the perfectionist in him, I think. It took Natalie threatening to do it herself before he finally got busy and wrote something. I must say I'm glad she showed up, too. Things are much livelier when they are both around.

24 February, 2010  
Blogger Christo Savas said...

It's definitely lively when Natalie is around. Oh, yeah. But I was going to write. I just got busy. Guys do. And yeah, I'm a perfectionist -- when it matters.

24 February, 2010  
Blogger Pat Cochran said...

So good to see both of you here today! I'm planning a bookstore
run this weekend. I absolutely
have to read this book and get a
better idea of your story! Thanks,
Natalie and Christo!

Pat Cochran

24 February, 2010  
Blogger Christo Savas said...

Hi Pat,
I hope you can find it in a bookstore, but the book was out in November, I think, so Anne says you might find it either in a used bookstore (she is sighing here) or online some place. We hope you like it -- wherever you find it (and so does Anne, despite the sighs).


24 February, 2010  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

Hey Christo - I finally got to Kate's blog - it was locked down until she got back from Wales and then she said she was busy with some Sicilian called Pietro D'Inzeo!

But I pointed out that seeing as I was one of the Grooms in this contest, it was time I had a chance to have my say. At last.

Hi Natalie! I must introduce you to Sadie some time

Nikos Konstantos

28 February, 2010  

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