Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tennessee Two

When I titled this, I was thinking about Johnny Cash's backup guys, Marshall Grant and Luther Perkins, because that's what the Tennessee Two originally meant to me. And I've been thinking about them again lately because of my recent experience watching Walk The Line.

But the Tennessee Two I'm proud of today are Spence and Sadie who actually got some work done while we had a layover in the Memphis airport. Do you suppose there are some latent Tennessee genes in these two waiting to come out?

Don't know. All I know is that while we were there, I thought I might check my email (having become enamored of wireless connections the night before at a Holiday Inn Express). But you have to pay $9.95 for a day's access to the Wifi at the Memphis airport, and I didn't want my email that bad (definitely having now seen it, I made the right choice). So I didn't go online, I brought up chapter two and let Spence and Sadie have at it.

I should have got them finished in chapter two last night, but they were balking then. Today in Memphis, though, they finally grabbed hold of the story and took off. Of course then the flight was called and I had to put them back in the backpack. But I'm hoping I can get another page or so tonight. I'm actually exhausted so who knows if it will happen, but I hope so.

IGHR is like summer camp for genealogists. I met a lot of new people, all very interesting. And I am completely drained. It's what comes of being an I (introvert). I like meeting them, but after a while (and not a very long while at that) I want to go hole up in my room and read a book or write an email or work on Spence and Sadie. Too much stimulation. People are endlessly fascinating -- and in groups sometimes draining. But it's going to be a wonderful week!

And the new "Tennessee Two" are behaving at the moment. I'm sooooo pleased.


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