Monday, February 19, 2007

A Soft Day

It is, as they say here in Ireland, a "soft day."

That means it's raining.

It is actually pouring. The rain is coming down in buckets. It's enough to make you reconsider the sign in Abby Green's day job office that says there is NOT a never-ending supply of water, so please conserve. There is -- pretty much -- a never-ending supply here.

But that's just today. Every other day since we've been here it's been beautiful. Amazing, really. And since we left home in a blizzard, we are impressed. It's a funny thing about weather. It's entirely subjective. While we were sitting in the airport contemplating the swirling snow that made entire buildings disappear, we said things like, "I think it's letting up. No problem. We should be able to get out easily."

But at the same time we were taking photos and mini-movies of it which, when we show them to people now, they gasp in horror and say, "You left in THAT?"

Well, we wanted to get here. And we figured the pilot did, too. And we did. And he did. And we've had a wonderful trip so far. And if you notice Sara dealing with a blizzard when she takes off for Ireland, you'll know that she is speaking from experience -- my experience.

I found a few copies of The Santorini Bride in Galway. That was fun. Of course it might have been more fun if they'd been sold out. But then I might simply have worried that they had never appeared at all. So it was probably better this way.

Been taking lots of pictures. Have met two great dogs -- Wriggle and Noodle -- and a tuxedoed cat called Archie. Archie is sawing wood rather loudly in the next chair even as I type this. I'll post his picture later, when I can actually upload them.

Have enjoyed the whole trip. Fantastic time with Abby Green in Dublin. Super couple of days in Galway. Now we're deep into the drafty Irish castle part of the trip. This isn't a castle. It's better. It's a real country house, built in 1724. Exactly the sort of place that Flynn would have loved as a child. But later . . . well, later he had to think things out.

Kate has been charming Archie. He has taken a great liking to her pashmina with its scent of Sid -- and wrapped himself up in it. I think he wishes Sid had come along. They could have gone salmon fishing together.

Back to work . . . (Well, somebody's got to do it).


Anonymous Rachel said...

Dear Anne,
It sounds like you're having a lovely time over there. I couldn't resist a quick note to say how much I enjoyed The Santorini Bride. I finished it in a freezing coastal play area while the children tore around today. Without giving anything away to those who haven't finished it yet I particularly liked Martha's 'tenancy agreement' in Ch 2 (what a wicked girl-Loved her!) and I shed a tear on paragraph 2 p 184. (Modern edition). It was wonderful, keep up the good work! And keep warm!

19 February, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...


Thank you so much! Really glad you liked the book -- esp the 'tenancy agreement' in Ch 2. Martha liked it too. So . . . sort of . . .did Theo, as you know. But it came with complications.

I'll have to track down the book so I can see what made you shed a tear. Thank you for telling me!

We're warm enough. We just went out and slogged around in the mud and got really warm. Now we're in by the fire. Lovely. And we've just seen a bit of blue sky. Hooray.

19 February, 2007  
Blogger Bronwyn Jameson said...

A soft day. How eloquent a description, especially when compared with the hard edge of a blizzard or the abrasive slice of the winds currently filling my home with dusty grit. What I wouldn't give for a soft day here...don;t suppose you can package up some of that excess rain and send it south?


22 February, 2007  
Blogger Evanne said...

A soft day sounds lovely. I lost all sense of discipline and gobbled up The Santorini Bride, like Rachel I teared up near the end while avidly reading on hoping Theo found a way . . .

Wonderful story. Thank you.

23 February, 2007  
Blogger Annie West said...

Anne, It sounds like a marvellous trip. I hope you've taken plenty of photos of the house that's better than a castle. You have me thoroughly intrigued. The visit with Abby must have been such fun.

I hope too that the weather on your return is soft rather than frozen!


23 February, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Bron, would have loved to have sent some of the rain south to you. It was marvelous. It made my skin feel so fresh and smooth (and we all know how unlikely that is!).

Evanne, Thanks for your kind words about The Santorini Bride! I'm so glad you enjoyed it -- and were cheering for Theo to find a way!

Annie, the visit with Abby was wonderful. The "castle" was marvelous as you can see in the post above. And the weather we came home to was sunny and bright. It has, however, presently deteriorated to a blizzard -- and then some! But I have memories to keep me warm.

24 February, 2007  

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