Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why I drove to Birmingham

I didn't realize it at the time, but apparently the real reason for driving to Birmingham was so that I would have luggage when I got there.

As opposed, say, to today . . . when I do not have luggage because, though it was correctly marked this morning for a flight to Minneapolis-St Paul and thence to Bozeman, the vagaries of air travel have sent it instead to Detroit.

Last time I looked Detroit was not on the way to Bozeman from Iowa. I am especially bemused because when I took the luggage to the woman who was putting them through the baggage checker thingy that x-rays them or whatever it does, she said, "Is this bag going to Memphis or Detroit?" And I said, "Neither. It's going to Minneapolis and then to Bozeman." And she said, "Oh, good. I'll start a new section."

So much for the new section. We know which section it got in, don't we? And so, while I was winging my way west, it was flying east. And by the time I landed and inquired as to its whereabouts, they had discovered it -- oops -- didn't belong in Detroit and so sent it to Minneapolis, where it missed a flight to Bozeman.

But wait, there is another flight tonight. It was due in an hour ago. Did it arrive? No. In fact it's going to be at least three and a half hours late. The baggage person told me it wasn't expected until two a.m. at last update.

I began to have flickering shades of deja vu all over again -- as memories of my last trip out for the wedding last summer came roaring back. And it was all I could do not to say, "Well, I hope you all thought to PUT ON AN EXTRA CREW or the morning flight won't go out due to airline regs that prohibit flight crews from getting less than eight hours (or whatever it is) on the ground. Because there are NOT eight hours between when the plane's crew is landing and the morning flight is supposed to be taking off.

But did they? It will be interesting to find out. It was a different airline who pulled that trick last time. But maybe they both do it.

Am I getting a little testy? Just a bit. Flying has become such an annoyance. It makes driving 825 miles more or less seem like a picnic by comparison.

But the bright side is, I am enjoying the son and daughter-in-law and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It pays to have priorities!


Blogger Michelle Styles said...

Oh my heart goes out to you, having suffered from Lost Luggage many times.

But they should bring it out to you.

Fingers crossed you are rapidly reunited.

Oh the Career Novelist is brilliant.

21 June, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Michelle

Thanks for the good thoughts. Still no luggage on the horizon, but I live in hope.

And I'm delighted you are finding good things in The Career Novelist. It is, I think, the best of Donald Maass's books.


22 June, 2007  
Blogger Madeline said...

Anne, That's one of the reasons that I like taking trains so much. No lost luggage. I hope yours turns up soon.

I think it's really wonderful that you got to listen to the babys heartbeat. Does your son and DIL know the babys sex or do they want to be suprised?

Enjoy your visit with your family.
All the best, Mads:)

22 June, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Mads,

They were told that the baby is likely a girl. As we already have four grandsons and only one granddaughter, that will go a ways toward evening up the odds! Whatever it is, it will be enormously welcome.

And yes, thanks, the luggage fell in the front door when we opened it this morning.

23 June, 2007  
Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on the rotten trip, but YAY on hearing the baby's heartbeat!

Enjoy the baby shower. :o) And we want to hear ALL about it!

24 June, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Hi Kate

The trip was fine -- but I think I should get extra frequent flyer miles for all the flying my suitcase did!

And the baby shower was great. I'll try to post a pic or two (if my dau-in-law doesn't mind).

That's going to be one well dressed baby, believe me!


25 June, 2007  

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